Good Green Reads

The world of green blogs is wide and deep and can often be daunting for even the most dedicated blog reader. "Good Green Reads" is an occasional series highlighting three good green spots to start your adventure.

Green Girls Global just launched and features an all-female editorial staff, including one of the editors at the now-defunct City Hippy blog. It is " international weblog about people from various different places with various different experiences, skills and interests talking about how they and people where they live are trying to live a life in a way that is positive for the environment, people and animals."

ecofabulous discusses celebrity-laden "Gorgeous and Green,” an event by Global Green, which according to their press release "...promoted green design ideas for the home, ranging from clothing and interior design to organic food and architecture."

bitchinspin posts about Monica Howe: "She’s tall, blonde, and charged with a mission long overdue: to make LA a more bike-friendly city."

BlogHer Green and Eco-conscious Editor mipmup also blogs at mipmup.