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[img_assist|fid=2705|thumb=1|alt=Mrs. D.'s Mac-n-Cheese]

Photo of Penne with Goat Cheese by Mrs. D. at Bellytimber.

When two of the most interesting food writers on the internet combine to have a Mac-and-Cheese event, you can be sure you'll see some varieties of Macaroni and Cheese that you mother never dreamed of making!

That's what happened when Cookiecrumb and Kevin hosted the Only Annual Mac-N-Cheese Off. Starting with the beautiful Goatie Mac-N-Cheese (pictured) from Bellytimber, the varieties were endless. Here are a few that made me drool, smile, or both:

Co-host and Bloghim Kevin had the cheesiest photo.
Cookiecrumb had the most techologically impressive entry.
Tea gives her recipe for The Best Mac-N-Cheese ever.
Kate in the Kitchen has a classic but delicious looking version.
Lannae makes a blue and white Mac-N-Cheese to support her favorite team!
Eat the Right Stuff adds cherry tomatoes.
Sher also has a delicious looking version with tomatoes.
Lisa goes fancy with artichoke hearts.
Ms. Adventures in Italy does Mac-n-Cheese and Cheese and Cheese.

There are so many more! I must have found ten new blogs just by following links in the comments. I'll come back and update if there is a round-up post, but meanwhile, check out the comments here or here. (Or try following their Technorati tags, which participants seemed to have mixed luck using.)

Since contributing editor Kalyn Denny is doing South Beach Phase One Recipes for the month of January, she can only drool at the Mac-n-Cheese that others make, and fondly recall Low Carb Macaroni and Cheese with a Grown-Up Twist.


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