BEPART Studio Giveaway

Handmade, small businesses are a favorite of ours, we love discovering new little shops and seeing creative work from around the world! We’re happy to share...more

DIY Laundry Bag

When I moved into my apartment, I didn’t realize what a pain in the butt not having a washer and dryer would be. Money and time spent at laundromats seems like a nightmare, especially since the closest one is 15 minutes away. Thankfully my dad and my cousins both live about 5 minutes from my house – so I’m the girl always coming over to do laundry and obviously staying for dinner since I’m already there… But even with them nearby, hauling a couple hampers full of laundry is pretty annoying ....more

Rosemary Rhubarb Float

One of my boys’ favorite treats are ice cream floats. They usually get to indulge in this over at their grandparents house and prefer orange or root beer pop as their choice to mix with ice cream. When I was trying to think of ways to use up the rest of the rhubarb leftover from making the Rhubarb Cake, ...more

S’mores Donuts

Tomorrow is National Donut Day – yay!!! A day we’ll gladly celebrate by eating donuts! We have a serious donut obsession around here, we take vacations based around our favorite donut shops! ...more

DIY Leather Fly Swatter

There are not too many things that annoy me more than a fly buzzing around my room when I’m trying to go to sleep. I try so hard to ignore it but I always end up getting super angry, getting out of bed, turning all the lights on and finding the nearest magazine or t-shirt to whip around and throw at the wall until I finally catch it. It always takes me forever and I honestly go a bit crazy over it ....more


The last couple months have felt like a constant struggle to get anything done. Between sickness, weddings, and starting a new job – every weekend has been full and I feel bummed about how little I’ve been able to get done for the blog. To help clear my mind and reinspire myself for fresh projects, I’ve been forcing myself to take time on my day off to go do some adventuring even when there are half done projects on the floor and a sink full of dishes ....more

Minimal Challenge

“We don’t need to increase our goods nearly as much as we need to scale down our wants. Not wanting something is as good as possessing it.” – Donald Horban We’ve been working hard over the last year to simplify our lives and live a bit more minimally. Since it’s still spring, we decided a spring-cleaning – 30 days to more minimal living would be a good challenge ....more

Reading Nook with DENY Designs

We had been wanting to put together a reading nook for some time and after we did, we decided that everyone needs to have a cozy reading nook in their house! Even those of us that don’t read… (ahem, Caitlin.) A space to clear your mind, take a nap, catch up on your favorite blogs or snuggle in with a few little ones and read them their favorite story. Setting aside a space to take things a bit slower is becoming more and more important these days and cozying up in style is just a bonus! ...more

Rhubarb Cake with Vanilla Sauce

It’s rhubarb season! I love a good sweet & tart rhubarb dessert – and this cake certainly doesn’t disappoint! My mama has lots of rhubarb growing in her garden right now, so Levi and I went over the other day and picked a bunch, and now I’m swimming in ideas of what to do with all my rhubarb ....more

Life Lately

I always intend to do better sharing little glimpses of real life and not just all recipes and projects; I know there’s a couple readers out there who sometimes like to “see us” (hi mom!). And I know I could do that with Instagram, but for some reason I seem to be pretty bad about actually posting my photos to IG – I take them, some I even edit and then I never actually post them – lame! (Some of these photos have been posted though, that’s me being lazy and not wanting to find a new photo to edit for this post – lame!) Soo, for the couple people out there wondering what’s been going in my life lately, here’s a brief summary via cell phone photos: - As I mentioned before, a few weeks in April & May were pretty rough for us – I was sick for almost 4 weeks! ...more