DIY Geek Rug – Outdoor Geek Spaces

Want to geek up your outdoor space? Yeah, us...more

Majora’s Mask Clock (Other People’s Nerd Homes)

We love geeky clocks, obvs. And our friend RaChil over at The Cwafty Blog made an awesome Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask clock, and has a tutorial showing you how to make your own. These are our favorite kinds of geek DIY projects, since to the non-geek eye (why are these people in your house?!), […] The post Majora’s Mask Clock (Other People’s Nerd Homes) appeared first on Our Nerd Home ....more

Wha? New Reddit-inspired subscription box (giveaway!)

Have you guys heard of the Narwhal Bacon Box monthly subscription box? They call it a “monthly box of internet geekiness”, inspired by Reddit. So basically this was made for us ....more

DIY Geek Soap (spoiler alert: Ice Cube Trays)

You might have noticed our DIY geek soap making spree on our Instagram a few weeks ago. Want to make your own? We actually did this tutorial for our new partnership with Popsugar, so if you want the full tutorial, head over here to check it out ....more

DIY D20 Lamp (The Easiest IKEA Hack)

This is so simple it hardly even qualifies as an IKEA hack, but we do like the way it turned out, and it took about 10 minutes to whip up. A not-quite D20, DIY D20 lamp....more

Make some DIY Star Wars Projects!

Star Wars Celebration is coming to southern CA...more

DIY Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

Anyone else planning a Game of Thrones party? Here’s a quick, easy project...more

Super Mario DIY Yoshi Eggs

Wanna make some VERY easy candy-filled Super Mario DIY Yoshi eggs, for a geeky Easter basket/centerpiece? Here you go! Usually we plan our DIY projects a few days/weeks in advance, but this one came about this morning when we saw … Continue reading → The post Super Mario DIY Yoshi Eggs appeared first on Our Nerd Home ....more

Giveaway! Win a geeky shirt from

We both wear a lot of t-shirts. Which means we both wear a lot of geeky t-shirts, and are always on the lookout for places to buy said shirts. If that place sells a good mix of guy shirts, unisex … Continue reading → The post Giveaway! ...more

Geek Tech Review: Aether Cone of awesomeness

We’ve been talking a little more about our musical taste here and there (especially on Instagram, other Instagram, and that time we made a record display shelf out of crown moulding). So when we were offered...more