Is that a whale in your purse and other burning iQuestions

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The Center for Biological Diversity has free ringtones for your phone. The ringtones are sounds of wildlife such as the Blue-throated Macaw, Beluga Whale, Band-bellied Owl, Mountain Yellow-legged Frog, Yosemite Toad, or other endangered wildlife species.

If you like being different, these are definitely different. The whales especially make quite a statement!

You can have the ringtones sent directly to your phone if you have web browsing capability on your phone. (Verizon users must have PIX messaging enabled.) The ringtones come free, but if you want to contribute to their efforts to preserve endangered species while you enjoy the unique ringtones, they give you a way to make a contribution.

And speaking of phones, what do you think of the new Apple iPhone? You can't have one until June, and it will be an expensive proposition even then. Maybe the budget-challenged among us will have to wait for a stripped down version: an iPhone Nano, perhaps.

I searched every page of the Apple information on the iPhone and couldn't find a word about ringtones. I still don't know if you can have cool, earth-friendly ringtones on an iPhone.

From my perspective as a person interested in web design and designing web pages for mobile devices, the iPhone is exciting because it comes complete with Mac OS X and the standards-compliant Safari browser. This means that an iPhone mobile experience with Internet sites will be very like the experience you have with a big monitor at home. If Apple drags the rest of the mobile world into a semblance of similar behavior it will make a huge difference to people who are interested in designing web sites for all users, including mobile users.


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