BBS Celebrates: Annie Comes to the Kings Theatre

This holiday season Annie is coming to the Kings Theatre! Located on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn the storied venue, which was originally designed in 1929, has been restored to reflect its original opulence. City-owned and a major cultural resource for the area the reopening of this family friendly treasure has created a huge buzz ....more

#NationalBullyingPreventionMonth: How I Put a Stop to Bullying

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month we reached out to our BabyBrownSugar Ambassadors to find out how they prevent bullying in and outside of their households. Bullying has received more attention than ever before recently with technology like social media making it easier for strangers to say mean things without consequence. At BabyBrownSugar we’re all about the raising of empowered and confident children and we are thrilled to share our Ambassadors’ tips on tackling bullying ....more

On the Market: Kiinde Twist

Pregnancy can be the most amazing thing one can experience but it can also be very hectic. From juggling appointments, adjusting budgets, and getting that nursery together, a mommy can get overwhelmed with all of the tasks that need to be completed. One of these tasks includes finding the perfect bottle brand for your baby ....more

Kidfessions of a Shopaholic: Fall Fashion Trends

YAY! Fall is officially near and it’s by far my favorite season for fashion. The weather is beginning to feel a little crisp, the color palettes are warm yet fun and it’s time to layer up and have some fun styling your mini me(s) ....more

BBS Moms Know Best: Dr. Heavenly

From managing a successful career in dentistry to launching a dating app Dr. Heavenly isn’t afraid of multi-tasking. I fact she got a head start on sharing positive messages with her daughter while she was still in the womb! ...more

BBS Chic: Back to School Basics with Kmart

I still remember what Back to School shopping was like as a kid. It was my favorite time of the year, right after my birthday. My time to show the world (or at least the kids at my school) how stylish as I was ....more

BabyBrownSugar Ambassador: Tayna Frett

My name is Tayna Frett and I married my high school Sweetheart Marshall almost 20 years ago....more

BBS Reads: Stephanie Fleary’s Chocolatey Brown

Second grade teacher Stephanie Fleary is combating colorism in our community with a strong serving of love and support. The Brooklyn native created a children’s book called Chocolatey Brown...more

10 Under $100: Baby Bathing Suits

Summer is a great time for the whole family to show off their style! From backyard barbecues to full-fledged family vacations there will be no shortage of ways to spend quality time with your children this summer and invariably a great deal of them will involve water. Prep your little one for pools and beach side play with these options for baby bathing suits for this summer season ....more

On the Market: The Honest Company

Concerns about the ingredients allowed in the products that enter our homes have made their way from consumer reports to store shelves now that actress Jessica Alba and her partners have turned a first time mother’s fears into a formidable fortune. Now valued at a billion dollars by Forbes magazine their venture the Honest Company provides personal care items and cleaning supplies that they deem both effective and ethical. Lack of transparency regarding the ingredients permitted in the products we use on a daily basis is a major issue ....more