EMILY's List backs Clinton, Obama takes key steps

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EMILY's List, the influential Political Action Committee that supports and trains pro-choice, female candidates, is supporting Hillary Clinton for president, according to PoliticalWire. This is a big deal: While supporting Clinton this early may seem an obvious choice, it's a statement of Clinton's serious viability and a way for women in DC politics to flex muscles. I wonder how political marketing to women will change in this election cycle, when (perhaps) the most serious contender is herself female?

"The biggest political action committee in the country has never engaged in a presidential campaign, but that is about to change," Roll Call reports.

"EMILY's List, the Democratic fundraising juggernaut that helps women candidates who support abortion rights, is poised to endorse Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) as soon as the former first lady announces her 2008 presidential bid -- a move expected in a few weeks. While the group's level of participation in the Clinton campaign is an open question, some Democratic strategists already worry that the PAC's focus may shift to Clinton at the expense of Congressional candidates."

[img_assist|fid=2814|thumb=1|alt=Obama|caption=Watch Obama here]

Pandagon reports Obama has formed an exploratory committee, the crucial first step in announcing a presidential run (and seemingly, cause alone for a media frenzy).

Here's a personal video message from Mr. Obama- it's incredibly inclusive about his family, and their import in his decision. Like John Edwards' announcement from New Orleans, it's a "we" message: inclusive, grassroots in feel.