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I don't want to jinx anything, but I feel the happiest I've perhaps ever felt in my entire life--because I have more to love than I've ever had.It's Christmas!I like my hair!My children make me happy to be around!I've enjoyed getting out and eating lunch with friends weekly!I've met new friends!My faith feels strong!I like our family daily, weekly and monthly schedules!I feel like I've plucked out so many thoughts that were plaguing me!I like my new church calling!I love many, many people!I feel loved! I have had exciting opportunities lately!I have had fun, genuine fun, in my life! I love the snow and ice and frigid temps!I enjoy writing and I look forward to new projects!I'm grateful for a wardrobe ready for an expanding belly!I feel like I'm in a place to give!Not one thing is perfect, and I'm at peace with that!Except maybe my baby Erin, she's pretty perfect!Chup is a patient, God-loving, clever man and he likes me most of the time!All of this and...a baby coming in a few months!A BABY! . . .

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