Surf's Up, ANZO style: Road trip!

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, it is summer time, which means tennis, cricket, heading to the beach, BBQs, and road trips. To me, nothing says "Summer = Freedom" like getting on the road and visiting far flung places (because everywhere in Australia is a long way from wherever you begin).

So, in the spirit of summer, here are some of the female bloggers of Oz who have been hitting the road and blogging about it:

Jula Berry blogged her recent road trip (the joy of Wifi!), and was particularly unimpressed by road trip food:

My wrap was soggy (as it had obviously been made last night with the leftover salad), fell apart and had an overload of grated cheese that tasted like armpit. Oh. And the chicken was limited to little fatty, wibbly bits.

Did I mention it cost me $7? It literally IS highway fucking robbery.

I didn't even eat half before I cracked the shits (Australian colloquial expression for throwing a tantrum) and threw it in the bin in a fit of disgust.

Claire has some fantastic photos on her blog from a recent road trip to the Blue Mountains.

Dana reminisces about a road trip she took from Melbourne in 2000:

Ahhh... was scanning all my pics, and came across the pics of my first Great Ocean Road trip. I still remember it was the first time we rented car to drive on our own, and feeling all trembling yet exciting. Furthermore, the whole distance of the trip was more than 700km!

And Alice has some incredible photos on her blog from a road trip through Gundagai she did recently, which show how bad the drought has been in Australia.

Contributing Editor Jules also blogs at Jetsetting Jules.