Link Round-up: Blog for Choice Day 2007

Blog for Choice Day logoHere's my link round-up of pro-choice blog posts from Blog for Choice Day 2007.

There were some very moving posts, intellectually stimulating posts, and just plain brave posts from feminist bloggers. Thank you for putting your thoughts and experiences online.

I encourage readers to click through and read each blogger's entire post.

"It's today. So here's my answer to the question: Why am I pro-choice? I'm pro-choice because I believe that every woman should have control over her own body." — Pippa, One Salford Feminist

"It's tempting to think that since I'm married and a mother now, the fate of Roe no longer affects me, but it does. Personal autonomy is my pro-choice angle, and it goes far beyond freedom from forced pregnancy. The amount of individual freedom women have is, naturally, a good indicator of how our society views women in general. Are we free? Are we full citizens, or are we stuck in some suspect "other" category and made to answer for the details of our private lives? Are we valued as people or as breeding stock? Are we being used and devalued so lawmakers can get in good with their brand of god? If we're not seen as competent to manage our own bodies, how will we fare in the public and business spheres? If we have to answer to the world at large about our uteruses, what else will we have to share in order to justify ourselves?" — Redneck Mother

"I am pro-choice because I have had to make that choice. I have had an abortion. I'm not proud to admit that, but I'm not ashamed either. I don't see it as a horrible secret I live with, but I don't see it as an amazing example of my autonomy. It just is." — Evil Slutopia

"If I had no right to self-determination, I'd be a slave." — Roxanne Cooper, Rox Populi

"While typically I do not write about politically oriented topics, today is an exception.

"You see, I find it preposterous that such an inherently personal and private issue, can possibly be considered a logical fit as something under the pervue of the government in the first place. Why the hell does some suit in Virginia give a good god-damn about what decisions I make, in the privacy of my doctor's office, my family, my heart and mind?" — Peggy, as she is

"First, let's get some terms straight. 'Pro-choice' does not mean 'pro-abortion'; it means supporting women's rights to self-determination over their bodies. 'Fetuses' are not 'babies'; fetuses exist in the womb, babies exist outside of the womb. 'Human' does not equal 'person'; human is the biological name of our species, personhood involves moral agency. There; now let's move on." — Thinking Girl

" … denying access to abortion equals forced pregnancy. A foetus is part of me until it's out—and until then I, and no one else, have the right to carry it to term or not. One of the important features of the Abbott/McGauran style of anti-choice activism is that they don't trust women to make that decision. They seem to imagine we'll all go around having abortions at 36 weeks just for the hell of it, if given half a chance. That is offensive." — Blogger on the Cast-Iron Balcony

"Inspired by this post and this post, let me suggest a fairly simple activist act you can try today, or any day: Go to your local pharmacy and ask if it carries Plan B. If the answer is 'no,' ask why not." — Ann Bartow, Feminist Law Professors

"I'm pro-choice in part because I think that being anti-choice is both anti-child and anti-woman, to put it sloganistically. I'm also pro-choice because I think that, while men have lots of rights regarding children, the decision whether or not a pregnancy is carried to term isn't one of them. I'm also pro-choice because it's the most practical way to be—like the abstinence-only educators out there, ignoring the fact that women will need to terminate pregnancies whether or not it is legal is a fact that needs to be taken into account when thinking about abortion." — Jeff, Feminist Allies

"As Deborah said, it's really simple.

"It's my body.

"I get to decide what happens to it.

"End of story." — Fiat Lux

"No country advocating freedom and democracy can reasonably force women to be life-support systems against their own better judgment. A free country must allow freedom for all, not just for men." — Sage, Persephone's Blog

"It's about trusting women." — Jessica Valenti, Bush v. Choice

There are many great posts out there -- so many that I can't fit them all into one post. I've linked to some more at Sour Duck.

See also: List of participants at Bush v. Choice.

Melinda Casino also writes at Sour Duck.

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