Elm Street Life

Hi! I'm Whitney. Married to Shawn. New mom to Liam. 

I love: Jesus, travel, real food, cities, adoption, Chipotle, antiques, answered prayer, DIY anything.

A thousand reasons to love October.

A clear October Saturday...more

A mini home tour: our main floor.

Within 30 seconds of walking into this house, Shawn announced, "We need to make an offer." The white kitchen with new appliances, the brand new hardwood floors, the space, the price. It sold us. We did make an offer later that day and moved in three weeks later ....more

Recipe: GF Pumpkin Cake.

via Instagram @whitneynewby Is it a crime to post a recipe without a close-up photo of the finished product? Perhaps. But it seems like every time I bake this pumpkin cake, it's gone before I have a chance to take a real photo ....more

How we're *trying* to stay healthy during cold & flu season.

Four years ago, I wrote this post on "how we're staying healthy during cold & flu season." Looking back on it now, it's obviously written pre-kids because, with little kids in the house, staying perpetually healthy often feels impossible. Liam is in some form of childcare with other toddlers at least 3 times a week and it's almost inevitable that he brings home a cold or virus every couple months and generously shares it with us. When we moved to Raleigh last year, it felt like one of us was sick every few weeks ....more

DIY: Cozy baby blanket in under an hour.

I'm kicking it into full gear as far as baby crafting goes. This little project couldn't be easier, even for beginning seamstresses, and I love how it turned out. Fresh, modern, but so useful....more

Grateful (iPhone version).

It's been a difficult, draining week on many fronts, which is why the blog has been so quiet. But instead of droning on about the whys, I want to focus on what I am grateful for this week. Because gratitude turns what we have into enough ....more

Friday Five.

1. Happy Friday! It's been a full, productive week at home, despite a painful tailbone injury that hardly seems to be healing ....more

Drawing the line.

"You will never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow they will be a little older than they were today. This day is a gift ....more

Her name, His name.

On Saturday afternoon, just a few hours after we took these pictures, I got a preview of the Labor & Delivery ward. And not for good reasons. I had just gotten Liam up from his nap and carried him, perched on my belly, down a flight of five hardwood steps to the main level of our house ....more

24 weeks with her.

Sweet second child,You've already been growing for 24 weeks and you're just now getting your first pregnancy blog post. It doesn't mean we love you any less. Promise.Craving:...more