Elm Street Life

Hi! I'm Whitney. Married to Shawn. New mom to Liam. 

I love: Jesus, travel, real food, cities, adoption, Chipotle, antiques, answered prayer, DIY anything.

The best ever gluten free, dairy free bread.

For all my gluten free buddies out there who miss real bread as much as I do... this is as close as I've gotten to the perfect gluten free bread. I thought you should know ....more

Our tongue tie story, part 1.

This is a little different from my normal blog content, but I wanted to write this out for my own memory and also in case someone is helped by our story. Unless you do some...more

Today and everyday at 4:12pm.

It's become the sweetest part of our day. Liam wakes up from his nap and, no matter what, wants to see "Wane Eh-wee-utt" first thing. Red-cheeked and warm, he wipes his eyes and asks, "Put baby girl on floor?" and prances around her, giggling at her many expressions ....more

What happened to Brighter Day?

My very first bag Back in 2011, while neck-deep in nursing school, I needed a creative outlet and decided to pick up sewing. I'd sewn a little bit before, but attempted a small clutch purse from a tutorial I found online. It was the first zipper I had ever installed and, though it probably took me hours longer than it should have, it actually turned out and I had a blast doing it ....more

Help me decide.

When we moved into our current house last August, we did a mad dash to decorate as quickly as possible, knowing we'd be having a baby soon and wouldn't have the time or motivation to accomplish much after that. Now that we've lived here for more than 6 months, I'm feeling an itch to really settle in decor-wise. Maybe it's Spring on its way, maybe it's cabin fever ....more

2 months with Lane Eliette.

Lanie girl,This month was a big one for you. We saw such a transformation in you that we never expected. For weeks and weeks, you've fit every description of a colicky baby ....more

Overheard at dinner.

Last night, Shawn and I were recounting the events of the day when I mentioned that Liam had had a hard time welcoming some friends over to our house. For whatever reason, our usually very social little guy was just not in the mood to see people. When they arrived at the door, he said, "No friends!" and shut the door ....more

The post that took me weeks to write.

I dove into newbornhood with Lanie feeling slightly overconfident. "Liam is a fantastic sleeper, so surely Lanie won't be that bad. At least we know what we're doing this time around." Ha! ...more

$30 of free groceries.

Do you live in or near Raleigh like I do? (Or in Baltimore, Washington DC, or several locations in Virginia?)My sis-in-law recently told me about Relay Foods, an online grocer where you order groceries and pick them up from food trucks stationed around the city. You can also have them delivered for a fee.For this new mama of two, saving myself a stressful trip to the store with both babies was really appealing ....more

A letter to my 12-year-old self.

Dear Whitney,On Sunday night, you became a pastor's wife.Your two children became pastor's kids.Most momentously, your husband became a pastor.Hear me out. I know that at this particular stage in life, there are 3 things you say you'll never...more