A Dark Chocolate Giveaway from Theo’s Chocolate!

Hi Everyone! In celebration of summer, this month’s giveaway is a little more indulgent than usual It is brought to you by Theo Chocolate...more

Slow Cooker Smoky White Bean Chili

Spring and summer are here,...more

Cannellini Bean Gratin

At one of my favorite restaurants in SF, Nopa, they serve the most delicious baked white beans, topped with feta, herbs and breadcrumbs. It comes warm and sizzling in a skillet: crispy from the breadcrumbs, creamy from the beans, and with a little bit of bite from the feta. Since we’re far far away from Nopa now, I was determined to try to recreate their “Wood Baked Giant White Beans” at home ....more

Roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup

Tomatoes are coming in season! I absolutely adore summer tomatoes. They are juicy, ripe, plump and there are so many varieties that are available: heirloom (my fav), roma, beefsteak, plum, cherry, grape...more

Got (the healthiest) Milk?

There’s so much controversy over dairy these days. One camp claims that milk (and all dairy) is one of the worst foods you can eat and should be avoided at all costs, while others claim that if you’re not lactose intolerant, and you have access to organic, pasture-raised dairy – that there is no harm in drinking milk in moderation. And now there...more

Indian Spiced Cabbage with Peas (or “Cabbage Sabzi”)

I have a confession: I’m not usually a huge fan of cooked cabbage. I love raw cabbage: in salads, coleslaw, etc....more

Smoky Vegetarian Fajitas

There is nothing better than the sound of a sizzling fajita platter coming to your table at a Mexican restaurant. Served with warm corn tortillas, shredded cheese, salsa, and avocado – this dish just screams deliciousness. I’m a creature of habit – every time the husband and I go to a Mexican restaurant, I’ll usually order fajitas ....more

A Healthy Snack Giveaway from Tosi Superbites!

Hi Everyone! This month’s giveaway is brought to you by Tosi Superbites...more

Simple Slow-Cooker Yellow Dal

“Dal” is an absolute staple in our house. It is pure and simple, Indian comfort food. Essentially, it is spiced lentil stew ....more

Spicy Bean and Quinoa Salad with “Mole” Vinaigrette

I love making quinoa salads! Quinoa adds great texture, a healthy dose of whole grains, and a balance of essential amino acids to any meal – so why not throw it into a salad? This is a protein packed dish with bright Mexican inspired flavors: quinoa, pumpkin seeds, jalapeno pepper, black beans, and mixed greens tossed with a spicy mole vinaigrette ....more