Handmade Father’s Day Gifts from Kids

We’re out of school by the time Father’s Day rolls around. Despite that, I love making gifts with my preschoolers for the dads (or father figures) in their lives. We always have a blast making gifts for moms, and I never want the dads to be left out ....more

Summer Math for a Preschool Ice Cream Theme

The end of the school year is fast approaching. This means it’s time for final assessments, finishing up portfolios, and planning the end of year slideshow. It also means integrating summer-related ideas into the school day! ...more

Simple Spring Activities for Kids to Enjoy

Spring has finally graced us with its presence, bringing with it some beautiful warmer weather!...more

Printable Book About Counting Flowers

My preschoolers love making books, and I love helping them do so. In addition to being a fun process for my students, book-making is an amazing way to teach so many early literacy concepts. In honor of spring flowers, I put together this printable book about counting colorful flowers ....more

Simple Outdoor Number Activities for Kids

Today, my students came in and got their preschool day started as usual. Since it’s almost the end of the school year, they really have their whole preschool schedule...more

Discovery Bottle Robot

It’s always interesting to me to find out what each class of kiddos is into. While there are certain preschool themes most kids enjoy, the topics still vary year to year. As often as possible, I integrate the kids’ interests in my preschool plans ....more

Rainy Day Activities during Spring Break

Spring Break always makes me think of sunny days, warmer weather, and being outside....more

Glitter Jars in a Rainbow of Colors

These rainbow glitter jars were inspired by our falling heart sensory bottles. The kids (and teachers!) have been enamored with the heart jars, so we decided to make some in every color of the rainbow. how to make rainbow glitter jars Affiliate Materials Empty, clean jars or bottles Light corn syrup Glitter liquid watercolors (found HERE) Glitter (some of what we used can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE) Water Directions Make sure to start with a clean and empty bottle or jar ....more

Rainbow Math with a DIY Abacus

I’m gearing up for next month with some rainbow activities for St. Patrick’s Day and spring! Kicking things off is this DIY abacus that’s perfect for rainbow math and fine motor skills ....more

You’ve Been Hugged – Valentine Act of Kindness

My son and I enjoy cooking and baking together, and we had a blast with last week’s football brownies. He was pretty excited to find out that...more