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Sohana Makes Bagels!

Hi guys! Today my mama and I are going to show you how to make bagels from scratch! Well ....more

Parasol’s Holiday Cheer Box

You guys already know that I absolutely love Parasol diapers. Last week, we had our box shipped to my parents home while we were visiting them. It was hilarious because every person that walked into the house saw the box and asked what the box had inside because the box was so cute! ...more

Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup

Chinese style hot and sour soup is my all time favorite soup. I recently had some delicious hot & sour soup which inspired me to try to make it on my own. I made this last week and it was a huge hit – and it was also extremely filling! ...more

Our Floral Gallery Wall

When I was younger, I fondly remember walking with my sister to our neighbor Sulekha Auntie’s house for art classes. She would teach us all about sketching, painting, and using chalk, and our parents were always really proud when we brought home our artwork. I remember one time we even made little dolls from old glass bottles ....more

Sohana Is One!

Sohana is one! Our little bear is now a medium-sized bear! I can’t help but get so emotional when thinking about the past year ....more

Beautiful & Affordable Holiday Postcards!

We started sending holiday cards when Sohana was born and it’s a tradition that I will keep up every year. I love being able to...more

Why Parasol Diapers are the Best & 20% Off!

Mama friends! I am SO excited to share this review of a new-ish diaper company: Parasol Co! When Sohana was born, we used...more

Sohana’s Birth Story & Neurogenic Bladder

I feel...more

Delarosa’s Burrata Bruschetta

I was reading Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer the other day and saw that they’ve started selling burrata cheese for $4.99. If you’ve never had burrata, you’re missing out – it is fresh mozzarella cheese balls filled with cream. I was immediately like OMG, I need to hustle and get there before it’s sold out so I can make Delarosa’s famous burrata bruschetta ....more

A Simple Hummus Recipe

It’s no secret that we love hummus so I can’t believe I’ve never posted a simple hummus recipe on this blog! I previously posted a lemon & herb hummus recipe, but that required more work than this one. This recipe is incredibly simple and it’s very likely that you already have all-but-one of the ingredients in your pantry ....more