Yogurt Soup and Other Turkish Delights

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[img_assist|fid=2860|thumb=1|alt=Yogurt Soup]
Photo of Yogurt Soup by Burcu of Almost Turkish Recipes

I'm guessing that many people aren't that familiar with Turkish food. There are some similarities to Greek food, more common in the U.S., but there are also many distinctly Turkish dishes. If you'd like to explore Turkish food a little more, I recommend one of my favorite blogs, Almost Turkish Recipes.

This blog is written by Burcu, a woman from Turkey who's studying in the U.S. and the title refers to the fact that some recipes on the blog aren't traditionally Turkish, although many are. No matter, every recipe here is interesting.

Let's start with the Yogurt Soup in the photo, with melted butter on top and fresh herbs. Can you imagine how great that would taste? If you don't feel like soup, how about Turkish Feta Potato Rolls? Another dish that I think sounds fantastic is Collard Greens Alaturka. Who knew that collard greens were eaten in Turkey? I also love the looks of Stuffed Artichokes, and if you're imagining something stuffed in the artichoke leaves, better take a look. Finally, every special meal needs a good dessert, so how about some Baked Turkish Rice Pudding?

Those are only a few highlights of Burcu's wonderful sounding recipes. Take a gastronomical tour of Turkey and expand your food horizons.

Contributing editor Kalyn Denny from Kalyn's Kitchen wishes she could travel to Turkey, or at least go to Burcu's and taste some of this amazing sounding food.


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