New babies and a mom who might explode

I've been on something of a blogging hiatus lately. I'm writing in my mommy blog, dutifully chronicling the tales of my life with kids, but I'm spending less time reading other mommy blogs.

The reason is a realization of my own sensitive nature; I care about others. If you are sad, depressed, lonely, feeling blue, having problems with your marriage, and blogging about it, I feel for you. And the feelings aren't always fun. As I told a friend recently, "reading blogs makes my heart heavy."

So my bloglines account is bursting at the seams with unread posts, but I have managed to figure out that two wonderful women have given birth (and that always makes me happy), and that badgermama had a realization about her child that was so beautiful (as is he) that she just might explode.

First, the births:

Elizabeth of Sandblower gave birth to a little girl on January 11. In her post announcing the birth, she offers a poem by e.e. cummings:

"i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky;and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes"

And Kristen of Motherhood Uncensored tells the story of a wonderful, fast labor and delivery of her second child, a baby boy named Drew:

"I was 5cm at 3:00am, fully dilated at 5:01am, Drew made his entrance at 5:11am, and I was sipping mimosas (no lie) by 10am. I'm living proof that all labors (even your own) can be totally different."

I hope both of these women get to one day experience the kind of startling, fierce love for their child that Liz of badgermama recently did as she watched her son walk away from the car at school drop-off:

"I don't know how to describe this, and it was just my state of mind, but his sheer person-hood seemed to shine out of him like a glorious beautiful star on fire.


I felt a complex tangle of things including the love of whatever he is thinking or might be that I can't see and never will, a concept that needs its own particular word."

I'm betting that they will, and I'm hoping that when they do they blog about it.

BlogHer Contributing Editor Mary Tsao also blogs at Mom Writes.

Image credit: Cadbury Chocolate


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