Sprinkle Ring Wedding Gift Tag

Add some pizzaz to your bridal shower, bachelorette, or wedding gifts with these Sprinkle Ring Wedding Gift Tags! It’s May which means it’s about that time of year that Facebook transforms into a wedding album and all spare time (and $$$) is spent online shopping for dresses to wear to all these festivities. Which don’t get me wrong is fun and all, but what I’m really excited for is that I’m declaring it sprinkle month on the blog ....more

Homemade Peanut Butter Gelato

Hey, hey, hey! It’s been a little quiet around here lately, but all in good cause! From switching all my sites over to new web hosting (hey, ASO!) last week to launching the new blog design this past weekend, there hasn’t been much baking happening around these parts ....more

Four Ingredient Peanut Butter Bites

These no bake peanut butter bites only require four ingredients (no butter here!) and can be whipped up in a food processor! If you’re a fan of frozen Reeses peanut butter cups without all the guilt, these are for you. I’m convinced that frozen Reeses peanut butter cups are the nectar of the earth ....more

Homemade Chocolate Pudding

Ditch the box and make this decadent homemade chocolate pudding to satisfy your chocolate dessert cravings! Using common pantry ingredients, this rich and creamy pudding can be made at home in the microwave! So I went on a college visit yesterday with my little seeeester and her BFF ....more

DIY Donut Hole Flower Pops

These donut hole flower pops are easy to make, kid-friendly, and the perfect addition to your Spring party or Mother’s Day brunch! Up until about a year ago when I started doing more styling work, I never quite caught on to the amazingness of fresh flowers. Mainly stemming from the fact that I would ask myself why spending $15 on a bunch of flowers that would wilt in a few days was a better investment than something like chocolate ....more

Homemade Raspberry Lemonade

I’ve been trying real hard lately not to go full-on summer mode with every project on the blog, but today is not one of those days. Today is the day we will forget about the rainy Spring weather and think ahead to all those hot summer days sitting by the pool sipping lemonade. I’m making it a point this summer to actually take some time away from work to just chill by the pool, relax, and *gasp* maybe hit up the library to grab an actual book ....more

Quick and Easy Banana Muffins

These easy banana muffins are quick to throw together, full of flavor, and perfect for a last minute weekend breakfast! Banana bread is my jam. Other than straight-from-the-peel-monkey-style, banana bread is about the only baked good I can bring myself to throw bananas in ....more

5 Secrets to A Successful Logo Design

We’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to running a business – how your customers or blog readers perceive your brand or website is key. You can have the most put-together product, service, or content, but if your branding & website give off a unprofessional vibe – your potential customers are going to have a harder time putting their trust in your business or blog. And in business (especially online), more trust = more sales, a more loyal readership, and more clients....more

Homemade Sugar Cookie Frosting

Oh hey there blogland, look who’s back. I’ve been getting things ready to launch the new site (almost done!) and baking has taken a past seat lately. But after a little baking therapy this weekend, I figured I’d reintroduce myself to the blog by filling it with some frosting and cookies ....more

Easter Basket Printable Play-Doh Wrappers

If you’re one of those last-minute Easter basket fillers, today’s printable is for you. Attach these Easter basket printable wrappers to containers of play-doh for a quick & easy Easter basket surprise! I have about 20 containers of play-doh leftover from last week’s product photoshoot for a teaching website, so I figured I’d put them to use ....more