Common Sense Millennial Will Return After the Break!

Happy Wednesday, friends! I’m popping by the blog today to let you know that I’m taking a break from sharing posts here until the New Year. I’m using this time to focus on new projects, develop...more

How We’re Having a Holly Jolly Anti Consumer Christmas

I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas this year. It’s a good thing, then, that we’re celebrating tomorrow! That’s one way we’re doing Christmas differently ....more

Do You Need Help to Train Your Way to Financial Fitness?

Editor’s Note: Today is my dad’s birthday! Happy birthday, Dad — hope you have a great day. Finances have a lot in common with fitness and health ....more

Are You Ready to Simplify Your Life?

On Monday, I decided to go and get most of my hair chopped off. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit — but that’s what it felt like. After over a decade of having long to super long hair, I was ready to quit dealing with...more

Taking Over Pinterest for GoGirlFinance!

Hi friends! Popping in on this lovely Friday afternoon to let you know that next week, I’ll be a guest pinner on one of GoGirlFinance’s Pinterest boards. I’m really excited about this, as I’ll be hopping on their Personal Branding board — and this is a topic I love to read, chat, and learn about! ...more

Set Up Your Side Hustle: Creating Systems and Processes

A few months back on the blog, I started the Side Hustle Shuffle series. I’d like to revisit those posts today in order to answer...more

Millennials and Credit Cards: Why We Need a Better Relationship

According to a recent Bankrate survey, 63% of Millennials aged 18 to 29 do not have a credit card. 23% say they have one card, while 6% say they have two. Only 2% of people my age have 3 or more credit cards ....more

Should You Build Financial Stability or Chase Down Your Dreams?

I’m not sure who or what created such a big line in the sand...more

Friday Freebie: Scratch Wireless Review and Giveaway

If you’re into living well on less and all about frugal tips, there’s no doubt you’re already on to Republic Wireless. The company offers no contract cell phone plans ranging from $5 to $40, and you don’t have to give up your fancy smartphone to take advantage. Pretty good deal, right? ...more

The Reason Why You Fail to Achieve Financial Goals

Happy Wednesday, Common Sensers! I spent last weekend in New Orleans hanging out with fellow financial bloggers, professionals, and nerds at the conference the money media world waits all year for: #FinCon14. (Stop by my Instagram account to check out a few photos from the event.) I was able to meet amazing people, hang out with blogging buddies I can now call IRL friends (told you we’re nerds), and came home feeling crazy inspired and full of ideas ....more