a blog {post} about clogs

You can't deny it. Clogs are so hot right now. Or maybe they're not and my finger is on the pulse of alllll the wrong trends but I've had very teeny tiny handful of readers ask me to do a clog roundup .. ....more

Bosco {and all the other kids} at 3 months

I suppose the requisite, "I can't believe he's already three months old!" with a crying face emoji would be appropriate but the truth is, just as Simon predicted, that it's tough to imagine life before Bosco (bb) so ... I won't say it.I know I'm going to jinx his behavior by typing this but the geriatric little man is totally making up for his first several fussy weeks. He's suddenly so pleasant and downright delightful .. ....more

a new normal

We're almost three months into living la vida Florida and I have to admit that it feels like quite a bit longer because it's taken us NO time at all to happily acclimate to having Simon around a whole lot more. The weeks filled with the dread for the weekend-o-work that bled into another long week are long gone and we find ourselves asking each other, "sooo what should we do this weekend?!" quite a bit. It's like a whole new world.This past weekend lent itself to the tiniest bit of adventuring on Friday night when we decided to drive and park a mile from a playground downtown, walk to said playground, have a picnic, and walk to to the car and drive home ....more

creature of habit

tunic c/o White Plum shades...more

21 Day Fix {my results, tips, and tricks}

The first time I saw something about the 21 Day Fix I was deep in the throes of a glutinous pregnancy with Bosco and was intrigued but not intrigued enough to put down my glazed donut and look into it any further. I'd like to blame the move and having the house on the market for a taxing (joke alert, folks) three weeks but for whatever reason (excuses for trimesters) I just really ate whatever I/"the baby" fancied with Bosco. It was fine and really fun and my saint of an OB never said anything about the double digit gains between appointments but then came the baby and I felt like crap ....more

click clack

Happy Labor Day!We celebrated over here with pancakes (I made these! while Simon made the traditional Bisquick variety for the rest of the crew) and closet purging which makes for an almost perfect day in Graceland. Traditionally, I usually hate 3 day weekends because it always felt like Simon was working (not always but glass half empty forever) but not this weekend and so, my heart has softened ....more

around the casa

I know I've told you this story before but I'll never forget when I was little (but old enough to remember, obviously) that my mom came home with a really short haircut and told us kids that she'd kindly let a blind man cut her hair with a butcher knife.Cue horror and speechless gawking from her gullible little angels.Eventually she cracked and told us the truth but the moral of the tangent is that I feel exactly like that imaginary blind man hacking away at the house with a butcher knife because my eye for design is all but blind. I'm always trying to find a super happy medium between needing the house to be kid friendly and wanting it to feel more like a home and less like a toy/laundry/food/laundry/toy prisonLuckily, I employed the help of my design savvy sister-in-law, Mary, to help me pick out a few house-to-home helpers from Lulu & Georgia. Although, the truth is that it's virtually impossible to go wrong with their inventory because it's all pretty stellar.First up! ...more

grat that

I swear he's smiling and that I have eyebrows.Almost a year ago (or more, I guess) I wrote a riveting post listing 31 things about me in honor of my 31st birthday. So fun. For no one.So, the party's raging onward and upward with a list of things I'm grateful for because I like to steal other people's Instagram post ideas and draaaaaag them out in blog form ....more

a few more shades of Lily Jade ...

Rosie bag - c/o Lily jade shoes & shades - Amazon Bosco's getup - c/o June & January ...more

growing up

Initially I typed that title to read, "growng up" so I might just be growing down but I'm not the subject matter at hand today, for once.For a long, long time I think I've sort of felt like I've been firmly planted in the baby and toddler trenches and while Julia isn't even into the wilds of kindergarten yet I have to admit that the two (maybe three?!) older kids are most definitely not toddlers and they are growing up.Duh, it happens. And I know that and it's bittersweet but right now it feels mostly sweet as they sway further and further into uncharted independent territory. Territory that I like to call, "Pleasantville."The other night a child that would normally throw a long and loud fit until parental assistance came stumbling into their room did the unthinkable ....more