Adding a Burden

Jillian Burden is a wife and mom. She blogs about her faith through her journey to adopt her son from Russia and subsequent infertility battle at

Postpartum Update!

Even their cries are adorable!...more

Scenes from the Special Care Nursery

Ira and Roman are now nine days old! They've spent their whole lives so far in the Special Care Nursery at our hospital. Having our babies in the Special Care Nursery has definitely been an emotional experience; I was discharged after two days in the hospital and leaving my babies railed against every maternal instinct I have ....more

Ira & Roman's Birth Story

On Monday April 18, 2016 I went to bed contented with the knowledge that in the morning I would be a full 35 weeks pregnant with my twin boys. Having developed mild pre-eclampsia a week earlier, I was celebrating each day I stayed pregnant as a win. I could feel my body was getting tired and stressed from the pregnancy and while I hoped to make it to 37 weeks, my intuition was telling me that it as almost time for my babies to be born ....more

Twin pregnancy: week 33 in review

How far along? 34 weeks today!Weight gain: Weighing in at 188lbs, I'm up another three pounds. And I've discovered the reason for my rapid gain over these last two weeks! ...more

Twin pregnancy: week 32 in review

How far along? 33 weeks yesterday.Weight gain:...more

Twin pregnancy: week 31 in review

How far along? 32 weeks yesterday! I'm thrilled to have met this milestone which means I can now deliver at my preferred hospital.Weight gain: I could not believe the scale this morning: 183lbs! ...more

Twin pregnancy: week 30 in review

How far along? 31 weeks yesterday. I am only 6 days away from making my next goal of 32 weeks!Weight gain: I gained a pound this week; I'm up to 178lbs making my total gain 39lbs ....more

Twin pregnancy: week 29 in review

How far along? 30 weeks yesterday!Weight Gain: Up to 177lbs, gained 3 pounds since last week.How are you feeling?...more

Twin pregnancy: week 28 in review

How far along? 29 weeks yesterday.Weight gain: Holding steady at 174lbs. Same as last week ....more

Twin pregnancy: week 27 in review

How far along? 28 weeks and 2 days.Weight gain: 174lbs, up another 2lbs since last week. Total gain 35lbs.How are you feeling: HUNGRY ....more