Adding a Burden

Jillian Burden is a wife and mom. She blogs about her faith through her journey to adopt her son from Russia and subsequent infertility battle at

Three month baby update!

Even though I quickly join in with all the parents around the world begging their babies to stay little just a little longer, I think babies actually grow at exactly the right pace. The good parts go by fast enough to make us wistful while the trying parts go by slow enough to make us want to fast forward though a bit of time. It all balances out ....more

My picks for cloth diapering newborn twins

When I was pregnant I must have read half the internet trying to decide if I wanted to buy cloth diapers for newborns. I kept reading that my one-size stash would not fit until at least 8lbs and since I was having twins I was pretty sure it would take us couple months to reach that size.Indeed our babies were born at 5lbs4oz and 6lbs even. The one-size diapers I have just now fit my bigger baby Roman well at 12lbs and I still have my smaller baby Ira (10lbs) in some of the diapers I bought for my newborn stash ....more

Ira and Roman are baptized!

Last Sunday I ran into church with Arie, my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and niece. Two of us were carrying carseats with babies in them, though I can't remember who! We were running because it was raining ....more

Two month postpartum and baby update!

For three nights this week the twins have slept for five incredible, miraculous, restful, reenergizing hours IN A ROW! Hallelujah! The foggy cloud of sleep deprivation is beginning to lift from my mind ....more

Postpartum Update!

Even their cries are adorable!...more

Scenes from the Special Care Nursery

Ira and Roman are now nine days old! They've spent their whole lives so far in the Special Care Nursery at our hospital. Having our babies in the Special Care Nursery has definitely been an emotional experience; I was discharged after two days in the hospital and leaving my babies railed against every maternal instinct I have ....more

Ira & Roman's Birth Story

On Monday April 18, 2016 I went to bed contented with the knowledge that in the morning I would be a full 35 weeks pregnant with my twin boys. Having developed mild pre-eclampsia a week earlier, I was celebrating each day I stayed pregnant as a win. I could feel my body was getting tired and stressed from the pregnancy and while I hoped to make it to 37 weeks, my intuition was telling me that it as almost time for my babies to be born ....more

Twin pregnancy: week 33 in review

How far along? 34 weeks today!Weight gain: Weighing in at 188lbs, I'm up another three pounds. And I've discovered the reason for my rapid gain over these last two weeks! ...more

Twin pregnancy: week 32 in review

How far along? 33 weeks yesterday.Weight gain:...more

Twin pregnancy: week 31 in review

How far along? 32 weeks yesterday! I'm thrilled to have met this milestone which means I can now deliver at my preferred hospital.Weight gain: I could not believe the scale this morning: 183lbs! ...more