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Jenn M. Jackson is a proverbial "Jill" of all trades. An engineer by trade, she's also a mom of three, politics scholar, and activist who dreams up statistical probabilities while watching reality TV. She never drinks coffee but loves hot chocolate. She's a freelance writer, educator, and politics scholar. And, she's a misanthrope. Jenn has been over six foot three since seventh grade, unapologetically. No, she doesn't play basketball.

Jenn's work: She writes stories about Black womanhood at the intersection of politics, parenting, and pop culture. She also teaches college students political science research methods and Black politics. Jenn works daily to change the social and media narrative for young Black women and people of color.

She co-runs the award-winning blog Water Cooler Convos with her husband Daren W. Jackson. Here she writes about social issues and pop culture. 

Nate Parker is the Unrepentant Abuser We Know Too Well

As the debut of his Nat Turner inspired film Birth of a Nation approaches this Friday, Nate Parker continues to field questions about his 1999 rape trial involving his co-writer Jean Celestin and a young woman who died by suicide in 2012. Sadly,...more

FOX has Commissioned an X-Men Based TV Show, And It Will Fail

The news that nerds have been dreading for years has finally come to pass. FOX has ordered a pilot for an X-Men based live-action TV show....more

WATCH: This Mr. Robot Season 1 Recap Preps You for Season 2

MR. ROBOT — Season:2 — Pictured: Rami Malek as Eliot Alderson — (Photo by: Nadav Kander/USA Network) Mr. Robot will be back on our TV screens tonight ....more

Hip Hop Honors 2016 Was Entirely Too Lit

The Hip Hop Honors 2016: All Hail The Queens was much more than just another celebration of celebrity. It was a ceremony to honor hip hop’s legacy. The 2016 Hip Hop Honors ceremony...more

10 Songs To Keep You Hopeful In The Movement For Black Lives

It’s been a hard week. It’s been a hard month. It’s been hard for a long time ....more

The Deafening Silence From Whites On Police Violence Is Incredibly Loud

“Where the really sincere white people have got to do their ‘proving’ of themselves is not among the black victims, but out on the battle lines of where America’s racism really is — and that’s in their own home communities.” – Malcolm X Even as we are murdered in cold blood, in the streets, on camera, many Whites remain silent. Last week, after Jesse Williams gave a phenomenal speech at the BET Awards, many White people took to the Internet to demand that he be fired for his “hate speech” and “racist rant” against Whites. They created a petition and even drew the attention of Shonda Rhimes (the producer of the show, Grey’s Anatomy, that Williams is on) ....more

Dear World, We Are Tired

Dear World, Want to know what this feels like? Well, do you remember the “knockout game”? Yeah, that story that lit conservative media ablaze with tales of good-hearted, innocent, tax paying white folk getting randomly socked in the jaw on the streets of America? ...more

We Are Going To Have A Black Teen Girl Iron Man

Riri Williams – The Next Iron Man There is a revolution occurring in the comic book world, and it has everything to do with blackness. Being the nerd I am, I never thought a day like this would come. Real change has come to the comics world ....more

V Bozeman’s “Go” Video is a Work of Art

Singer V Bozeman has been poised for stardom for awhile. And in the video for her single “Go”, she proves that she is ready for the spotlight. In the short film for “Go”, Bozeman plays a starlet like herself, right in the middle of a photoshoot ....more

Justin Timberlake, Rachel Dolezal, And Our Complicity In Oppression

Justin Timberlake, like Rachel Dolezal, has made a career of parodying Black people. Yet Timberlake, unlike Dolezal, is well-respected, even protected by many Black Americans....more