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Jenn M. Jackson is a proverbial "Jill" of all trades. An engineer by trade, she's also a mom of three, politics scholar, and activist who dreams up statistical probabilities while watching reality TV. She never drinks coffee but loves hot chocolate. She's a freelance writer, educator, and politics scholar. And, she's a misanthrope. Jenn has been over six foot three since seventh grade, unapologetically. No, she doesn't play basketball.

Jenn's work: She writes stories about Black womanhood at the intersection of politics, parenting, and pop culture. She also teaches college students political science research methods and Black politics. Jenn works daily to change the social and media narrative for young Black women and people of color.

She co-runs the award-winning blog Water Cooler Convos with her husband Daren W. Jackson. Here she writes about social issues and pop culture. 

There’s Nothing More Threatening to Whiteness Than Black Joy

Imagine living in a place where your unhappy is commoditized. A place where your body is othered, your skin reviled, your phenotypical features maligned, and your love denied. Imagine that ....more

This ‘Lemonade’ Review Is Hilariously Perfect

Unless you live under a literal rock somewhere, you know that Beyoncé dropped an epic new, melanin-enriched album called Lemonade this past weekend. And, in true ‘King’ Bey style, she released an hour long epic visual album along with it. We are all still reeling from the surplus Black Girl Magic oozing from the gorgeous, star-studded that was Lemonade (Even though I told y’all it was going to be Black Y2K around here) ....more

Beyoncé Embraces Her Beautiful Humanity on ‘Lemonade’

Beyoncé sure knows how to put a project together. And when she dropped Lemonade on April 23, the jaw-dropping visuals on HBO became the main focus. But, Beyoncé is a musician first, and her musical prowess here is not to be overlooked ....more

4 Prince Tributes That Keep His Spirit Alive

On April 21, 2016, the music industry and the entire world suffered the tragic loss of music legend Prince. He may not be here with us any longer, but his music will never die. There has only been one, and there will never be another ....more

Bryshere Y. Gray and Luke James Lead BET’s New Edition Biopic

BET has made a big push in the arena of original programming, and the forthcoming New Edition biopic miniseries has attracted major talent into its top roles. New Edition: The Movie will follow the genesis and fame of New Edition, one of the most legendary and trailblazing R&B...more

It’s Not ‘Impostor Syndrome’ When You’re Black and Woman

Almost every morning for the past two years, I have found myself sitting in my car on this predominantly White campus playing Tasha Cobbs or Kendrick Lamar or BJ the Chicago Kid or something to get my mind right before stepping out into war. That’s what being Black and woman and queer and capable in academia feels like. War ....more

Beyoncé’s HBO Trailer Prepares Us For Her ‘Lemonade’

Beyoncé resides at the cutting edge. She’s always pushing the envelope, trying something new, and coming out of left field. And for better or for worse, Beyoncé has owned that domain ....more

If You Come For Brandy, At Least Get Your Facts Right

Brandy’s name topped headlines when she sued her label Chameleon Entertainment Group for not letting her release new music. And CEO Breyon Prescott’s petty clapback was more disrespectful for its misinformation than for its weak digs at the legendary entertainer. Brandy has been on a new one as of late ....more

These 6 Artists Are The Future of (Good) Soulful Music

The future faces of music have arrived. With one foot in the past and one foot in the future, these up-and-coming acts are poised to change the way we groove. The current state of music is very white ....more