Water Cooler Convos

Jenn M. Jackson is a proverbial "Jill" of all trades. She's a kick ass mom of three who dreams up statistical probabilities while watching reality tv. Yup, true story. She is a freelance writer, educator, and politics scholar. Oh, and she's a recovering misanthrope so this might be a good time to connect:)

She is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a bachelor's degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering. She also holds a master's degree in political science and is on her way to a doctoral program in the same discipline. She currently teaches black politics at California State University, Fullerton.

As a black woman, a mother, an adjunct instructor, a blogger, a self-professed glerd (geeky black nerd), and a numbers crunching professional who spends most of her day attached to something electronic, she juggles virtually any hat she gets her hands on. That means she's a polymath.

And, she is unapologetic about it.

She has been featured digitally on EBONY.com, Rage Against the Minivan, Beyond Black & White, Black Girl Nerds, and Made Woman Magazine. She co-runs the award-winning blog Water Cooler Convos with her husband Daren W. Jackson.

Why Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift Are Not the Same

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On Shaming Little Black Girls for Their Naturally Coily Hair

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#BB16 Week 7/8: Why I Hate Reality TV

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An Open Letter to “Support Darren Wilson” Zealots

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Jennifer Hudson Cements Album Release Date and Offers Album Sampler

Jennifer Hudson has released the album cover for her next album JHUD along with a sampler to whet our appetites for her next collection. On the cover, Hudson stands triumphantly against a Chicago skyline. This serves as a formal introduction to the new Jennifer Hudson that we’ve come to know as of late ....more

When You ‘Mistake’ Me for the Other Black Woman at Work…

Being a six-foot-four inch tall black woman often precludes me from being mistaken for other people. Growing up, I was almost never told “Hey, you look just like my friend,” or asked, “Have we met before?” But, living in Orange County, CA and working for white owned and operated businesses, I have been repeatedly mistaken – by white coworkers – for the only other black woman (or person) in my department. Though seemingly innocuous, it points to a racial and intellectual laziness and insensitivity from whites, and it is analogous to overarching attitudes toward black folks across this country ....more

Racism Doesn’t Work Both Ways and Neither Does Cultural Appropriation

Sometimes people ask me really moronic questions. One that I get all the time is, “But, but, on your blog, aren’t you racist against white people though? Because you say some really bad things about us.” Short answer: no ....more