Grace is a photo enthusiast, veggie lover, and recipe creator. These passions are brought together on, where she chronicles her experiments in the kitchen. When not creating art projects on her cutting board, you can catch her cruising on her bike with a camera strapped to her back. 

Kale and Banana Muffins

When I first saw the title of this recipe over on Prevention RD, I was immediately intrigued. Kale…in muffins? Genius ....more

Mango Toast with Drizzled Honey and Tahini

Mango toast. Could it be the next avocado toast? When the avocados on display at the store aren’t ripe, but the champagne mangos are awaiting at their prime, the answer is a clear yes ....more

Warm Caprese Grain Salad

After recently moving to a new neighborhood, my two housemates and I threw a little housewarming BBQ and celebration. Yay! Tasked with the challenge of making something for a crowd that would be vegetarian, nutritious AND able to rival burgers circulating...more

Vegan Dark Chocolate Mousse

Spring weather is starting to...more

Warm Chickpea Squash Salad Over Kale with Tahini Sauce

Often it’s the simplest dishes that make for the tastiest meals. Fresh, seasonal ingredients, a pinch of spices and chopped herbs, and really that’s all you need to create a recipe that’s memorable – many times even more memorable than a...more

Smoky Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burgers

I’m going to start off with a quick disclaimer. These photos don’t do these burgers justice. Some days, when the light’s dropping early and your stomach’s rumbling from room-filling aromas, you end up with photos that don’t quite showcase the awesomeness of what lays in front of you ....more

Winter Vegetarian Chili

We got our first snowstorm here in Philly last weekend – everyone say hey to Jonas – which called for a snow-day Saturday chili cook-off session. With plenty of time to slow down and savor, into the pot went every veggie and spice...more

Japanese Miso and Seaweed Noodle Soup

With 1-degree wind chills and the first dusting of snow, it only seemed natural to whip up a big pot of soup. A little urban exploration and camera venture outdoors...more

Winter Lentil Loaf

Hello winter. I wasn’t quite ready for you. Even after you dragged your feet ....more

Cleansing recipes for the New Year

Well hello there! I’m not really sure how a new year is on its way already, but I’ll welcome it with open arms. I’m hoping 2016 is every bit as great as 2015 was – filled with adventure, travel, photos, good people...more