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Wife. Mother. Attorney. Ironman. Insomniac.  Author of "Triathlon for the Every Woman." Living in the ATL. 

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Women for Tri: The Inaugural Board Meeting

The last week or so has been quite the whirlwind. ...more

Ambassador Spotlight: Erin Sublett

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The Power of Consistency

I preach...more

Ambassador Spotlight: Colleen McGuinn

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Do I REALLY Need a Coach??

Having a triathlon coach to mentor you, write your training plans—-and (most importantly) to talk you off the...more

Training and the Family Dynamic

The most common question I receive is: “How do you get to a half Ironman or an Ironman, manage...more

Ambassador Spotlight: Leslie Livingstone

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Spandex Who!?

One of the most challenging parts about our amazing sport is the attire. OH lawdy, the tight, sausage-inducing clothing that we must wear in races. ...more

Amassador Spotlight: Angie Flynn

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2015 Traincation Reminder!

REMINDER! DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS JANUARY 15Th! You asked for it (yes, most of you asked for the West Coast… we’re trying), but you got it anyway ....more