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The discussion of religion can make some folks really knee jerk. There can be, however, tremendous benefit in terms of community to have women discuss our faith, our spiritual "innards" as it were. The area of Religion and Spirituality is huge, and we all have hearts and minds rooted in or uprooted from varying beliefs and traditions. These roots sometimes make discussion deeper, and sometimes make it almost impossible.

Some folks have a hard time discussing anything to do with Religion or God or belief. But, even knowing that, perhaps we have some interesting discussions lurking in what we believe, some possibilities for commonalities where we had not expected them -- or some opportunities to understand differences. I would like us to start by doing a meme around "Prayer and Meditation", an experience held in common by all who believe in something beyond the material, and even by those who do not.

This, of course, is not a place to judge the practices of others, but to learn from them.

Let's see the diverse richness of what we have here, and if there is more to discuss than meets the eye. The easiest thing to do is to just copy over my questions, and paste them into your reply, answering them beneath each restated question. I'll chime in once the ball gets rolling.

1. Do you pray/meditate? Which? How often?

2. Why is it that you pray and/or meditate?

3. Is there a place/setting/time in which you are more likely to pray and/or meditate?

4. Do you use any physical objects to assist your prayer/meditation?

5. Are you most likely to use established prayers/meditations, or to create your own style?

6. Are you more likely to pray/meditate alone or in a group?

7. Have you ever asked anyone to pray/meditate on your behalf? If yes, and you are comfortable sharing that experience, please do.

8. If asked to describe your religious affiliation/practice/ belief, how would you do that?

9. What would you like to say about prayer/meditation that has not been asked here?


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