Life Of a Busy Fit Mom

A blog dedicated to life. The story of my 130+ pound weight loss + fitness journey, my family, what I feed my family, recipes I concoct, workouts I do, books I read, designs I create. Basically anything that encompasses the life of this 30 something mom on a quest of healthy living

Back Pain & Vanilla Beans

No need to readjust your screens – but you may have noticed that my workouts were rather light last week. Light meaning I had to take a few unplanned days off because I hurt my back. Like, took me 20 mins to get myself off the bed in the morning kinda hurt ....more

Orange Cranberry Collagen Gummies

I’m always excited to try and new product from Neocell, and this Beauty Infusion was no exception! Beauty Infusion is a collagen loaded drink mix that comes in the following flavors: Tangerine Twist, Appletini, and Cranberry Splash. I tested out the Tangerine Twist flavor ....more

How I Got Stares At McDonald’s In My Workout Clothes

It shouldn’t come as a shock that most of my days are spent in workout clothes. Yeah, no shame – some days I even fall asleep in them. So the last thing I was expecting was to get odd looks from people wen I was out and about in them considering I was fully covered, no cleavage or booty shorts to be found, because that’s just not my thing ....more

Today I Will Do What I Can

My workout today kicked my ass. Really, there’s just no other way to say it or put it politely. Yesterday was busy for me and my workout suffered by being really rushed ....more

Easy Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits & Milk Sandwiches

There are times I find myself giggling at what an adult (and or old person) I’ve turned into. Giggling or crying – but I guess that also depends on what day you’re asking. The most current proof of this was earlier this week when we had our second sizable snow storm pass through ....more

No Bake Birthday Cake Protein Bites

Over the past few days my minime turned 8. Yep, it was 8 years ago now I pushed out this 10 lb. 2oz piece of sass – note: I was going to say little there, but there was nothing little about her ....more

Hump Day Realizations

I’m still recovering. Not from a hardcore workout, but from natures whim in deciding that my children were going to have another winter break. Despite the fact that I’d just love my schedule to be automatically back on track – it’s far from my current reality ....more

Moms Nerf Revenge

Snow 6. Amanda 0. Not that my kids are caring, they were out of school for an entire week – and as I’m typing this my area is gearing up for another winter storm moving in with the possibility of more ice ....more

Healthy Almond Coconut Joy Bars

If you’re have a sweet tooth like me, you’re going to love these healthy Almond Coconut “Joy” bars. Yes, they’re candy, and yes – they’re healthy! These “candy” bars...more

Fueling My Busy Mornings

I’m a fan of carbs in the morning, if you haven’t noticed by my constant parade of oatmeal instagrams throughout the week. There’s a reason I choose to ingest most of my carbs in the morning, because dangit I need fuel to get through my day. Alas the life of a busy fit mom isn’t always conducive to tending to the art of making oatmeal creations every morning ....more