BlogHer ’08 Agenda

Day 1: Thursday, July 17, 2008
Time Event
6:30am - 7:00am Day One Breakfast
7:00am - 7:15am Welcome to BlogHer '08
7:15am - 8:00am "Speed Dating" for BlogHers
8:30am - 9:45am Who We Are: Introversion, Blogging and BlogHer
Are you a free-spirited and totally open blogger who quakes at the notion of meeting people in person? Does your heart pound when you walk into a room populated by more than half a dozen people...whether you know them or not? Are you convinced that you are the only one who feels this way, and that everyone else already knows each other? Well, we are kicking off the Who We Are track by talking about why blogging and introversion actually go so well together, and by offering tactics for getting past your own pounding heart, sweaty palms and paranoid fantasies to actually enjoy an event like BlogHer and get the most out of it. Several bloggers are willing to get up in front of the rest of you (and you know public speaking is ranked as the #1 fear, right?) and share how they manage to overcome their natural tendencies to hibernate and instead have a great time. Shireen Mitchell moderates this discussion with Shannon Glass, Jane Goodwin, Marilyn Porter, who will share their personal tricks for having conquered their nerves and conquered BlogHer!
What We Do: Taking Care of Business
If you're a blogger, and your blog contributes to your livelihood...whether through direct monetization or as a platform to get freelance and consulting work...then it's a business. But what does that mean? What should you be thinking about? Three experts are on hand to get down to brass tacks. Starting with taxes. Kelly Phillips Erb is back to give you the low-down. Linsey Krolik will answer your legal questions, including when incorporation makes sense. Finally Sabrina Parsons will try to demystify the number one question many freelancers and consultants have: How do I quote for my services and build a proposal that attaches the appropriate value to my time and the work I do?
What We Believe: Top-notch Political Opinion Commentary
How can you communicate your political positions with the highest quality, and then get those opinions propagated...on TV or tha radio, in Op-Eds, blogs and even via blog comments? Two absolute experts, Jennifer Pozner from Women in Media & News and Catherine Orenstein from The Op-Ed Project are on hand to give you intensive instruction.

Last year attendees got just a teaser of Jenn, and we were asked for more. And several BlogHers have taken Catherine's Op-Ed Class and couldn't say enough about it.

If you are among the many women who feel politically activated during these very "interesting" times, then attend this session and make the most of your passion!
How We Communicate: FAQs for Beginning Bloggers
FAQs=Frequently Asked Questions, and we've lined up a team of expert bloggers who know how explain the basics across many blogging platforms, protocols and philosophies. Do you have questions about the best tools? The right design? The latest in blogging "etiquette"? Look no further than these 4 kindly experts to give you the answers: Nelly Yusupova from WebGrrls Int'l, Melanie Nelson (aka Chilihead from Blogging Basics 101), Michele Mitchell (aka Scribbit) and Shazia Mistry.
MommyBlogging: Is MommyBlogging Still a Radical Act?
Let me give you a bit of BlogHer history. Back in 2005, at our very first conference, Alice Bradley brought the house down by declaring "MommyBlogging is a radical act!" Of course in 2006 we had to have a session by that very name. By 2007 it was clear that MommyBloggers had claimed a powerful presence in the blogosphere, and that they were being recognized as powerful consumers by companies. Last year's MommyBlogging session, The State of the Momosphere addressed the commercialization head on. Much to the dismay of some who still wanted to focus on the cultural and community aspects of MommyBlogging. Having a MommyBlogging track allows us to serve more interests, and we're kicking off the track with this look at the culture and community of MommyBlogging. Lindsay Ferrier recently made us all stop and think about it with her post "The State of the Mommyblog", and Lindsay is on hand to moderate this discussion with Polly Pagenhart (aka Lesbian Dad), Maria from Immoral Matriarch and Charlene Li, who still thinks blogging of any kind is a radical act, but is having trouble figuring out out to merge her personal and professional blogging identities to feel like one whole person. Will commercial influence come up? Probably. But it will be a different panel that delves into the ethics, policies and guidelines MommyBloggers set for themselves (and would like to set for the marketers reaching out to them.) This is a panel that focuses on what made MommyBlogging such a powerful community force, before they became a powerful commercial force.
Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Green/Social Change and Food/Entertaining
10:30-11:10AM: Green, Social Change and NPO/NGOs
Led by BlogHer Social Change contributing editor Britt Bravo

11:15-11:55AM: Food, Cooking & Entertaining
Led by BlogHer Food contributing editor Kalyn Denny

Want to learn more about Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups? Join the discussion here.
Room of Your Own: Entertainment Bloggers and Twenty-Something Bloggers
10:30-11:10AM: Entertainment, TV, celebrity etc.
Led by Melissa Silverstein from Women & Hollywood, who will be joined by BlogHer Television contributing editor Megan Smith

11:15-11:55AM: Twenty-something Bloggers Meet-up
Led by BlogHer contributing editor Zandria
9:45am - 10:45am Lunch
10:45am - 12:00pm Who We Are: Race and Gender: What are the lessons of 2008
No, this actually isn't a re-hash of the Obama vs. Hillary debate. But certainly Election 2008 has made us all look at our own (and society's, and the media's etc. etc. ) attitudes about race and gender.BlogHers proved that you can indeed discuss these incredibly sensitive topics without it descending into anarchy or hate speech, but it's tough. Please join Maria Niles, Jill Miller Zimon, Cynematic, Adele Nieves and Caille Millner as we discuss what we've learned about ourselves...and about others so far in 2008.
What We Do: DIY Content Syndication and Promotion
There are now so many ways to get your word out, that every blogger has to make the decision: how far and wide do I want to distribute my content? Do I want it to be automated or selective? When do I start to feel like a spammer, not a sharer? Which tools are really effective, and which are just taking my content for free? How do I track my words, once I've set them free? How do I still protect my content? What about audio and video? We'll be talking tools like Twitter, Facebook, kirtsy, StumbleUpon, Digg, Qik, Utterz: all of which can be either well-used...or abused. Krista Neher moderates this discussion with avid users Anne-Marie Nichols and Gwen Bell who use the tools...and have opinions, backed up by data, about them all, and Esther Brady (aka faintstarlite) who will be on hand to talk video distribution.
What We Believe: How To Take Names and Be Taken Seriously as a Political Blogger
Political Bloggers, like any bloggers, have a tremendous amount of write about what they want, to be as partisan as they want, to shed the objectivity that traditional reporters have (or some would say that they must pretend they have) and to pursue the art of persuasion. Not all political bloggers get taken seriously, however, and while there is that awesome freedom, political bloggers who want to be taken seriously also have an awesome responsibility in this current era of participatory media.

The panel before this one will be a political opinion writing workshop, but this panel will focus more on the aftermath of publishing your to deal with the ensuing conversations professionally, how to get your work out there and considered reputable and matter how partisan you might be. Join Morra Aarons-Mele, Shark Fu, Mona Gable and Fausta who are each taking names, and being taken seriously.
How We Communicate: Why Bloggers (Even Non-Programmers) Benefit from Participating in Open Source Projects
Open source projects are a source of opportunity. Skill development, networking, career opportunities, name it. A lot of us don't really know how these projects work, and we don't really know whether there's a way for us to participate if we're not actual code jockeys. This session will evangelize getting involved, at some level, with the one or more of the many open source projects out there. Join Technetra CEO, Alolita Sharma, Freebase community director Kirrily Robert and's Chief Lizard Wrangler Mitchell Baker for this practical, and hopefully inspiring, session.
MommyBlogging: Public Parenting & Privacy
While we will definitely talk about the basics of online security...and how to actually choose how much privacy you're willing to sacrifice...we're also going to talk about another aspect of this hot topic. When, if ever do your kids start to have a right to know that you're blogging about them, and what you're blogging about them? Have your feelings about blogging your children's lives changed as they've gotten older? And do your feelings change your blogging? We'll talk to bloggers on different sides of the issue: We'll talk to Chris Jordan about the unfortunate and very real reasons she protects her privacy online. We'll talk to Shannon Lowe, whose children are getting old enough to weigh in on what she should and should not blog about them. We'll talk to Crystal whose kids are also old enough, and who she has blogged about in a way that actually earned her hate mail! We'll talk to Shino Tanaka, a former police officer and current online community manager, about where danger lies and how to protect oneself. Shireen Mitchell will ringlead the conversation.
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Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Style/Fashion and Travel
12:45-1:25PM: Fashion, Beauty, Style & Shopping
Led by BlogHer Fashion contributing editor Susan Wagner

1:30-2:10PM: Travel
Led by BlogHer's former Travel contributing editor and current author of an NYC travel book Suzanne Reisman

Want to learn more about Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups? Join the discussion here.
Room of Your Own: The "Mother Load" and
12:45-1:25PM: The Mother Load: Blogging about caring for our loved ones
Led by Melissa Massello from, this discussion will bring together the "Sandwich Generation" to talk about caring for our kids, our parents, our in-laws, our pets.

1:30-2:10PM: Come meet the community at this meet-up hosted by ByJane
12:30pm - 1:45pm Who We Are: Blogging with a Global Perspective
We all talk a good game about how blogging can help us communicate across time and space...and certainly across national borders. But do you know how big your audience outside your own country is? And do you bear your global audience in mind when blogging? What does it or would it change about your blogging to be a little more accessible and welcoming to a truly international community? Sometimes it's just little things...sometimes you can do more. If the blogosphere is a global village this panel will make sure you're putting out a welcome mat to the world. Join Nicole Simon (blogging from Germany), Holly Burns (a British ex-pat blogger), Claudia Mar Ruiz who blogs for the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo and Adrianne George, who runs Black Women in Europe.
What We Do: Writing Workshop
Journalist, blogger, editor and consultant Amy Gahran will be conducting this workshop going over these basic of online writing excellence. Amy writes at her own blog, Contentious and edits the Poynter Institute's group blog, E-Media Tidbits.
What We Believe: Two Concurrent Sessions: Progressives & Conservatives

Engaging those outside the political blogosphere in political discourse...and action>

Is 2008 the year when every blogger is a proof point for the old battle cry that "the personal is political"? We are seeing a tremendous amount of interest and action around political issues and causes from bloggers who usually steer clear. They are galvanizing their readers to be more engaged and get more involved in a variety of ways. We'll talk about some of those ways with Twitter rabble-rouser Erin Kotecki-Vest, Momocrat Joanne Bamberger and a woman who exhorts us all to exercise the Power of our Purse, Diane MacEachern.

How do we win in November? Conservative women talk brass tacks (and tactics)

Conventional wisdom predicts that Republicans will have it rough in Election 2008, but the Party is known for being expert at rallying the troops, energizing its base and defying conventional wisdom. Join this discussion about the Republican Party's strategies to win in November and how bloggers...political bloggers and non-political bloggers alike, can help the cause. What is the message? And how can you help the party mobilize? RNC Online Communications Director Liz Mair will lead this discussion, along with conservative podcaster Fausta and Elizabeth Blackney (aka Media Lizzy).
How We Communicate: Video Blogging
Featuring both an informational overview and four hands-on stations, this year's video blogging session will be both practical and personalized. Cathy Brooks will oversee a session that gives a starts with an overview then quickly breaks into three workstations with repeating segments on the following topics:

1. Pre-Production: Storyboarding, led by Amber Scott
2. Production: How to get good sound quality and why it matters, led by Cathy Brooks
3. Editing Workflow: templates and naming conventions to speed things along, led by Liana Lehua
MommyBlogging: Mirrors: Ours, the Media's, Our Cultures' and Our Kids'
We blog about our own self-images a lot, there's no doubt about that. But a lot of us also blog about our kids’ self-images. Our kids, at some point, become aware of their own physical attributes...and the physical attributes of other people too. Often we’re in the position of reacting to negative stuff they bring home. “You’re ugly, you’re too fat, your eyes are wrong, your color is different than your mom's” etc.

Sometimes it’s really hard to help our kids if we don’t feel good about ourselves. Have you ever been afraid they're actually picking up the wrong messages from your own attitudes about yourself? And how often have you wondered how to effectively counteract the messages we all receive from a society that markets the “super model” look to 9 year old girls and plastic surgery as a Sweet 16 present?

Children of all races, sizes, ages, and body types deserve to feel good about themselves: how they look, and how their bodies feel. Moderator Laurie Toby Edison will talk with Tracee Sioux, Kelly Wickham, Glennia Campbell and the collective wisdom in the room about strategies to help our kids like themselves as they are.
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Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Personal Finance/Career and Sex & Relationships
2:30-3:10PM: Personal Finance and Career
Led by BlogHer Business contributing editor Elana Centor

3:15-3:55PM: Sex & Relationships
Led by BlogHer Sex & Relationships contributing editor Liz Rizzo

Want to learn more about Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups? Join the discussion here.
Room of Your Own: Funding & Incubation Opportunities and Women Entrepreneurs
2:30-3:10PM: Funding and incubation opportunities for women entrepreneurs
Susan Mernit will lead this session reviewing the various opportunities women entrepreneurs have for getting both coaching and assistance when seeking funding, and getting funding itself.

3:15-3:55PM: Women entrepreneurs
Susan will stick around and be joined by Patricia Handscheigel and other women starting and growing their own businesses. Talk everything from business models to exit strategies. Find and connect with other women hoeing this sometimes lonesome row.
2:30pm - 3:45pm The BlogHer Community Keynote
The closing keynote for Day One of the conference will be live blog readings from the BlogHer community itself. The community is busily submitting their favorite posts, and we'll get 20 BlogHers at the microphone sharing that favorite post with the entire BlogHer crowd. Curated by Eden Kennedy, who has some experience organizing large community writing efforts via NaBloPoMo, the submissions deadline is Friday June 13th.

If you are interested in submitting, check out this post for the instructions.

And check back after July 8th to see the Keynote the Community Built.
4:00pm - 7:00pm Welcome Reception
Brought to you by:

10:00am - 11:45am Lunch

12:15PM - 1:45PM: Join us for the BlogHer Swap Meet

12:30PM - 1:30PM: Join us for Adult-Child CPR, brought to you by:
Day 2: Friday, July 18, 2008
Time Event
8:00am - 8:30am Break
Milk 'n' Cookies brought to you by:
12:00pm - 12:30pm Break
Join us for Infant CPR Training, brought to you by:
1:45pm - 2:30pm Break
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5:00am - 6:00am Morning Yoga, brought to you by:
6:15am - 7:30am Breakfast
8:15-9:15: Enjoy breakfast while sitting down with a variety of Microsoft experts. You can learn more about the various topics the experts will be on hand to cover at the BlogHer Special Events page.Thanks,

9:15-9:30: Welcome, Day One recap and Day Two preview from BlogHer founders and brought to you by Michelin.
7:30am - 8:30am Morning Keynote: HybridMedia: How we will all work together to build a converged-media future
Old media, new media. Traditional media, social media. Print, broadcast, online and mobile media. Professionals. Amateurs. Citizens. Today's truth is that every kind of media company and media person is trying to figure out a way to develop a hybrid model to acquire the strengths they don't already have. Magazine empires and television networks are going online and mobile. Meanwhile, bloggers are seeking and scoring book, print and TV deals. Put a few visionaries together and maybe we can figure out how we all work together, what we all want from one another, how we all get paid to do what we love -- share great stories, important news and unique information.

Lisa Stone moderates this conversation with Redbook editor-in-chief Stacy Morrison, Essence Communications Director of Digital Development, Lesley Pinckney and Bravo TV's Senior VP of New Media and Digital, Lisa Hsia.
8:45am - 10:00am Who We Are: Women Without Children and the Blogosphere
You might be childfree by choice because you always knew you didn't want children, or it might have snuck up on you, and you decided or work to be content as you were. Either way there are definitely times when it's like being a fish out of water in this and off. Lisa Stone likes to say that "the only thing harder than being a mother in this culture is being a woman who chose not to be a mother." Join Laurie White, Teri Tith, Suebob Davis and Laura Scott, who have a lot to say on the subject!
What We Do: Pursuing Your Passion Never Gets Old
BlogHer's recent survey data indicated that the majority of women bloggers have been at it for three years or less. Do you see yourself blogging for life? And if so, how will you escape blogger burnout or, perhaps worse, boredom. Join some women who are in that rare pantheon of bloggers who have been at it five, six, seven, even eight years and more. We all know it's best to blog what you feel passionate about, but as your life changes, do your passions? According to these bloggers, you can always adjust your blog to match the passions in your life. Maggie Mason moderates a discussion amongst long-time bloggers like Melissa Summers, Evany Thomas and Sarah Brown, and uses their stories to offer practical advice on how to make sure you're always publishing what is best for you to give, not what you think others want to receive.
What We Believe: Beautiful Blogging and Positive Posting
It's easy in today's blogosphere to focus on the controversy and the commercialism. Hey, some people think there's a lot of that at and on BlogHer. But blogging is not just about ranting, and blogging is not just about raking it in. Blogging can also be about love, trust, positivity, hope, empowerment, quality over quantity, and transformations, global and personal. This session will give you some concrete examples of bloggers trying to contribute to their blogging communities, no matter the size or scope. Kyran Pittman hastens to tell us that "beautiful doesn't mean's not all about rainbows and unicorns here!" Kyran is joined by some women working on beautiful and positive projects: Krystyn Heide from the Hope Revolution, Alyssa Royse from Just Cause It!. Jen, the leader of the JustPost project, found on her blog one plus two and Lucrecer Braxton, who hosts a monthly Art Slam initiative.
How We Communicate: Building Traffic via Content and Community
Elise Bauer is back to give one of the most requested sessions...Building Traffic. Elise focuses on content and community, with a dash of technology know-how thrown in for good measure. The space keeps evolving, and so does Elise's presentation, so whether you've seen it before or not, you'll find new things to learn.
MommyBlogging: The Commercial Momosphere: Policies, Ethics and Outreach
You probably remember last year's Blogosphere Code of Conduct meme. One code of conduct could probably never apply to the blogosphere...but do you have a personal code of conduct? Where are your boundaries? And do you publish them? Moreover, there has been lots of talk lately about how marketers blow it with MommyBloggers (and other bloggers too, for that matter.) Horror stories can be fun, but what if we could change the game? Do you have a code of conduct you wish marketers would abide by? Do you publish it? Do you outline how to contact you and who should bother? And let's be honest: Does your reaction totally change based on what you're being pitched, not on the quality of the pitch? Not every MommyBlogger is interested in that dread word "monetization." But for those who are, it will certainly be useful to talk about how we balance community, content and commercialism. Join Lotta Svoboda, who has tried many different ways to make money with her blog and finally found the most success as an Etsy seller, Devra Renner, who is a firm believer that she doesn't make money with her blog, but because of her blog and Kristen Chase, MommyBlogger and co-founder of the Parent Bloggers Network, so well-versed in creating and maintaining policies and Dawn Meehan who joined the momosphere after commercialism was already widely being discussed, debated and embraced...and took that ball and ran with it. They will discuss their varied approaches to the commercialization conundrum.
Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Home/Garden and Crafts/DIY
10:45-11:25AM: Home & Garden
Led by BlogHer Hobbies, Crafts and Gardening contributing editor Debra Roby

11:30AM-12:10PM: Craft & DIY
Led by BlogHer DIY contributing editor Chris Jordan

Want to learn more about Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups? Join the discussion here.
Room of Your Own: Talking About War & Peace/Who Better Serves Women Like You: Obama or McCain?
10:45-11:25AM: Talking About War and Peace: How Women are changing the security debate and creating a safer future for everyone.
Led by national security specialist and progressive activist Lorelei Kelly, along with a representative from Mothers Acting Up.

11:30AM-12:10PM: Who Better Serves Women Like You: Obama or McCain?
This session will be 100% Q&A between you, the women of BlogHer, and high-ranking advisors to each presidential campaign. RNC Online Communications Director Liz Mair is on hand to speak for the McCain campaign. Pennsylvania Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz is on hand to speak for the Obama campaign. They are ready to talk policy with authority. No candidate better serves all women, because women are not all alike. Come find out which candidate better serves women like you.
11:45am - 1:00pm Who We Are: "Coming Out" via Blog
No, this doesn't only apply to the most common meaning of "coming out", but rather to taking the brave step to reveal and address something highly personal to your blog community. The risks are real, but what about the rewards? Susan Mernit will moderate a discussion with some very brave bloggers. Stephanie Quilao blogs about health and a positive body image. Making the decision to blog a bulimia relapse risked losing a core audience who counted on her to be a voice of body image reason. How did they react? JenB has been up front about both mental and physical health issues on her blog. Does she feel supported...or judged? Jess Howard blogged about a suicide attempt and felt an outpouring of But she discovered it was a lot harder for people to interact with her in person, like at BlogHer. Finally, Sarah Dopp did launch a new project about being gender queer. At first she used a pseudonym, although she shared the site with people she knew. Eventually she came out and associated her real name with the site. Was there fallout? Or none at all. Find out how coming out via blog turned out for these women, and share your own story.
What We Do: There's More to Monetization than Advertising
It sounds a little odd coming form us, given BlogHer has an ad network, but in fact there are other ways to make money via blogging, and this year we're going to explore some of them. Join these bloggers who have gone off the advertising path: Stephanie Agresta is an affiliate program expert, Kristen Hammond has become an e-commerce queen, Lynn Truong started her own blog network and is wiling to share the rather unusual business model she came up with for her and the bloggers who joined her, and Dana Loesch has started a local blogger network that can co-exist with her other blog advertising (OK, yes, the last two do make money from advertising, but the point is that they started these networks, they are their babies and a new business for each of them...and one could probably be started in other regional or content areas, so why not by you?):
What We Believe: Tools for Online Fundraising and Activism
Marnie Webb will lead this conversation about what tools are out there to help you, the individual blogger, raise funds and galvanize action around the issues you are most passionate about. Catherine Connors, who has been at the helm of the BlogHers Act Canada initiative since its inception will discuss how they created their monthly challenges, and how they keep momentum going. Donna Callejon will highlight the flexible features of Global Giving, the online fundraising service working with BlogHer on our BlogHers Act Mother's Day initiative and leading social media consultant to non-profits, Beth Kanter, will talk about what has worked for her on her personal sites and for the organizations she has worked with.
How We Communicate: Photography
Author, blogger and photographer Me Ra Koh is on hand to share as much as she can in her allotted session time. On the theory that fewer subjects with more focus is preferred we've actually got a thread up at BlogHer where we're asking for you to vote on which aspects of photography you'd like Me Ra to focus on. Come on over and share your opinion or at least cast your vote.
MommyBlogging: Blogging About Our Children with Special Needs
If parenting in general can be isolating, it can be more so when raising a child with special needs. Susan Etlinger, Shannon Des Roches Rosa aka Squid Rosenberg, Kristina Chew, Jennifer Graf Groneberg and Vicki Forman are among those MommyBloggers who are blogging their experiences...and finding both a community...and a cause. Join them. Share your story. Find out how, to quote Vicki, " embrace and treasure what makes us all different. And the same."
Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: BlogHims and Health/Fitness
1:45-2:25PM: BlogHims @ BlogHer
Led by BlogHer attendee and network member Karl Erikson

2:30-3:10PM: Health & Fitness
Led by BlogHer Health contributing editor Catherine Morgan and Good Health-a-thon mastermind Kristy Sammis

Want to learn more about Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups? Join the discussion here.
Room of Your Own: BFD Blog and Feminism & Gender Meet-ups
1:45-2:25PM: Come meet the BFD Blog community at this meet-up hosted by Monique (aka mo pie)

2:30-3:10PM: Feminism & Gender
Led by BlogHer Feminism & Gender contributing editor Suzane Reisman
1:15pm - 2:30pm Who We Are: Can You Take Back Naked Blogging?
We all know "transparency" is a blogging buzz word. Since 2005 we have been calling personal blogging "naked blogging", and Jory Des Jardins has been our Naked Blogging leader. But what if you have second thoughts about how sheer your window dressings are? If you've encountered something unpleasant because of your openness, something ugly...or even something dangerous, you might be wondering: Can I take it back? Jory will talk to three women who have taken it back to varying degrees. It might be as simple as setting more stringent privacy policies on all your social application tools (and realizing that you actually can set more stringent privacy policies.) It might be going through and masking references to real people and taking down identifiable photos. It might be resolving not to engage in certain kinds of blogging or conversations any more. Or it might get as drastic as trying to eradicate your online identity. Koan, Mena Trott and Tracey Gaughran-Perez have taken some combination of these steps to get a measure of control of their online lives that they felt was lacking...and much-needed. Were they successful at taking back naked blogging?
What We Do: Blog to Book Redux
This session rocked the house last year, so we're bringing in more bloggers, publishers and agents to dish about your opportunities to turn your blogging talent into a book publishing dream come true. Ellen Gerstein from Wiley & Sons has published many a blogger's book. Neeti Madan is a literary agent with Sterling Lord. Jennette Fulda and Rita Arens represent two different blog to book approaches, one a memoir and the other a blogging anthology. Walk away with some insider info and effective tactics you can employ to get yourself on the published author path.
What We Believe: Blogging Community as Healing Force
Blogging creates communities, and they can take action for the greater good. But they can also take action to support individuals. Susan Wagner moderates this discussion with a trio of bloggers who have experienced the healing force of a community of blog readers who hang on their every word, and talk right back...always right when they needed to hear a voice come back out of the wilderness. Hear powerful stories about how Susan (aka WhyMommy), Laurie Kingston, LoveBabz and Christine (aka Flutter) feel the healing force of their blogging communities. Share your story too.
How We Communicate: Open Source Participation: How to advance to the next level
Hopefully our panel on why you should get involved with open source will leave you convinced you want to get yesterday. If so, this panel will take it to the next step: We'll take a look at some very popular open source blogging platforms and show you how to start contributing to the projects...and how to get more involved as you go along. Angie Byron will be on hand to cover Drupal. And Automattic's "Happiness Engineer", Marianne Masculino, will cover WordPress.
MommyBlogging: When the Road To Motherhood Is Anything But Smooth: Infertility, Adoption and Miscarriage Bloggers
Join Lori from Weebles Wobblog, Monica Mingo, Pamela Tsigdinos and Melissa from Stirrup Queens for a frank discussion about what it's like to realize you are not on the fast track to motherhood. These women are in different stages of dealing with infertility issues, but there is one common thread. They all want or wanted to become a mom, and have found roadblocks and detours obscuring what seems to be so easy for others. Is infertility one of the last things that nobody wants to talk about? Not in this blogging community.
Blogging Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups: Queer BlogHer and Boomers & Beyond
3:15-3:55PM: Queer BlogHer
Led by BlogHer community manager Denise Tanton

4:00-4:40PM: Boomers & Beyond
Led by BlogHer Technology contributing editor Virginia DeBolt

Want to learn more about Birds of a Feather Meet-Ups? Join the discussion here.
The First BlogHer PhotoWalk and Room of Your Own: Chicago Bloggers plus one slot available
3:15-4:30PM: The First BlogHer PhotoWalk, brought to you by Shutter Sisters

Calling all photo enthusiasts! Grab your cameras and put on your walking shoes, it’s time for BlogHer’s first ever PhotoWalk. Tracey Clark, Karen Walrond, Andrea Scher, Jen Lemen and Stephanie Roberts (some of the snap happy women behind the collaborative photo blog Shutter Sisters) will be leading the group on a photo excursion around San Francisco’s picturesque Union Square. Stretch your legs and your creativity as we walk, talk and share our passion for photography. If you plan on joining us on our adventure please leave a comment on this post. We’ve also got an official PhotoWalk button for your blog! Grab the code at that post, RSVP in the comments there, and we’ll see you there.

Additional Room of Your Own slots during this time frame:

3:15-3:55PM: Women of Color Bloggers
Led by Megan Smith

4:00-4:40PM: Chicago Bloggers Meet-up
Led by Lara Colvin
2:30pm - 3:15pm Break
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3:15pm - 4:15pm Closing Keynote: Living the Truman Show
Heather Armstrong's first book was just released in April (and she has other impending opportunities yet to be announced.) Stephanie Klein is a blogger, an author, and is now in development with NBC working on a pilot for a series based on her autobiographical books based on her autobiographical blog. Heather and Stephanie are the perfect people to close BlogHer '08 with a discussion about what it's like "Living the Truman Show*." Bloggers everywhere are putting their lives online...and now into other media too. We'll talk to them about how it feels to put yourself under that microscope. Heather and Stephanie may live it on a bigger scale than most of us, but haven't you experienced some or all of these symptoms?
  • Parts of life get nearly fictionalized in your own head as you plan your next blog post about events happening in real-time
  • People confuse you with a character and forget you're a real human being
  • As your friends, co-workers and family become more aware of your blog they either get caught up in it all...or get more and more uncomfortable.
  • By blogging we sometimes put ourselves in a fishbowl. Hilarity (and sometimes other not-so-funny stuff) ensues.

    *The Truman Show was a movie from 1998 about a man who discovers his "life" is actually a reality TV show that the entire world is watching.
    4:30pm - 7:00pm Closing Reception
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    Day 3: Saturday, July 19, 2008
    Time Event
    6:45am - 3:00pm BlogHer Open Space, the "Unconference"
    7:00am - 4:15pm BlogHer in Second Life '08
    DAY ONE, Friday July 18th

    9:00-9:15 AM (live from San Francisco, CA)
    Welcome to BlogHer '08 from the Westin St. Francis Ballroom in San Francisco

    9:15-10:15 AM
    "Speed Dating" for BlogHers in Second Life

    10:30-11:45 AM
    Second Life Break-Out Session #1: The Intersection of Blogging and Second Life
    Led by Cybergrrl Oh (aka Aliza Sherman), and featuring:
    Ana Herzog (aka Nancy Hill)
    Gidge (aka Bridgette McNeal)
    Queen Tureaud (aka Erin Kotecki Vest)

    12:45-2:00 PM
    Second Life Break-Out Session #2: Second Life and Security
    Daisy Beauchamps
    Padlurowncanoe Dibou, formerly in charge of Hillary Clinton's in-world HQ and co-Founder of MUVErs, LLC
    Patty Streeter (aka Jody DeVere from AskPatty)

    Second Life Activity in Exhibitor Area

    SecondLife Open Mic and Party
    More details on how to be part of the Second Life Open Mic

    DAY TWO, Saturday, July 19th

    9:30-10:30 AM (live from San Francisco, CA)
    BlogHer '08 Morning Keynote: Hybrid Media

    10:45-12:00 PM
    Second Life Break-Out Session #3: SecondLife as Educational/Training Tool
    Padlurowncanoe Dibou, formerly in charge of Hillary Clinton's in-world HQ and co-Founder of MUVErs, LLC
    In Kenzo (aka Evonne Heyning, Creative Director and Interactive Producer for Amoration)
    Fleep Tuque (aka Chris Collins from the University of Cincinnati)
    Dannette Veale (from Cisco)

    1:45-3:00 PM
    Second Life Break-Out Session #4: Using Second Life for Good
    Led by Susan Tenby and featuring:
    Connie Reece
    Jennifer Cole and Aleja Ospina, the women behind

    Second Life Activity in Exhibitor Area

    5:15-6:15 PM (live from San Francisco, CA)
    BlogHer '08 Closing Keynote: Living the Truman Show