Deconstruction time again

What can make sitting through the dullest film, yawning through the most turgid theatrical performance or ploughing through the most lumpen prose worthwhile (if not necessarily enjoyable)? Why, a spot of gender deconstruction, of course!

I particularly enjoyed a recent post "gender representation on King Kong" by Danah Boyd on her blog "apophenia" - not just because of the excellent analysis she gave of the various portrayals of gender in the film, but because she included racial observations inspired by where she actually watched the film.

Personally, when I engage in gender deconstruction, I'm not just looking to see how progressive or stereotypical the representations are - I'm looking for clues. What characteristic patterns of female behaviour and language are portrayed - *how* are they portrayed - and how does that portrayal compare with what I observe in the people I interact with every day? How are characteristically male behaviours portrayed? Maybe my desire to accentuate the former while eliminating much of the latter isn't shared by most - but the prevalence of self-help books on most non-fiction bestseller lists leads me to believe that many people would like to change at least *some* aspect of their life - which might include how they express their gender in the home and in the workplace.

Which works would make a BlogHer "Best Of" list for realistic gender representations, I wonder? And which would be awarded a Razzie? ;-)


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