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I know that Barak Obama has written a book called The Audacity of Hope. I have not read it. But the title makes huge sense to me. Every day of my life I become more convinced that Hope is the road that makes our life-journey possible. Nothing good happens without Hope -- there are no cures; no acts of mercy; there are no ideal possibilities. Without Hope there are no dreams; there is no invention; no justice; no future worth living. Yet we live in a world that seems systemically designed to thwart, uproot, vilify and even ridicule Hope. If Hope is the road, it is one strewn with obstacles and peril. No walk through meadows, this. It can be a walk through forest darkness punctuated by the hint of distant and dangerous whispers, and a rustling in the leaves that means us no good. It can be a hike through sunny fields where the ground suddenly opens up swallowing everything in its path.

Don't believe me? Look into the eyes of a child starving in Darfur, a Bosnian woman whose eyes have been empty places since her rapes by over 50 men who left her for dead. Think of the tortured, the suffering, The victims of the KKK, the perpetually marginalized. Imagine the millions of women who have been genitally mutilated. Stand in the old ovens in a concentration camp.

If you have not experienced it already, look deeply into the face of pure hatred and try to breathe. Try not to fall backwards broken and shattered.

Yet we stubborn human creatures can somehow find a way to hope, to envision and to build a different future. We do not have to stifle the cries of our fellow beings on this earth, to shut them out. We can listen.

But the hour is late, and the clock is ticking. And whatever allows us to hope, allows us to help.

And so, in a world where pain seems so large, and suffering so deep -- and where hope is the start of healing -- I ask this of you.

Get really quiet for a second.

Ask yourself what you hope for.

Then tell us all. Share the hope.

What do you hope for yourself?

What do you hope for your country?

What do you hope for the world?


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