AZ Cookbook

I live in Long Beach, Ca. I am a founder and food blogger of I post recipes for anything I find delicious and want to share, accompanying them with stories and step by step phorographs. My first cookbook on the cuisine of the country I am from (Azerbaijan) has been published in October 2014.


Raw Spice Bar – Around the World with Spices

I was recently contacted by the staff of Raw Spice Bar, a new company based out of Los Angeles and asked if I would like to try their newly lunched subscription service that comes with cool products. Their products are spices from around the world. Freshly ground, small batch premium spice blends that arrive at your doorsteps once a month ....more

“Oreshki” Walnut Cookies with Dulce de Leche

Meet some of the most unique cookies that hail from my childhood—walnut-shaped cookies called oreshki. Oreshki means “nuts” in Russian. In this particular case, it means “walnuts.” How are these cookies and my childhood related? ...more

Links to Reads: February 2015

Time for the February Links to Reads....more

Easy Homemade Dulche De Leche

Years ago, when I first heard the term dulche de leche in America, it struck me as fancy and I didn’t quite know what it was. Candy made of milk, or sweet made of milk, as the translation goes. Hmm ....more

The Perfect Lemon Tart

If you’ve seen my About Me page, you’ve probably noticed me beaming with happiness over a tart, looking like I am teasing you guys. That, my friends, is the perfect lemon tart. Big time teaser ....more

Garlicky Beet Salad with Yogurt and Walnuts

Tell me what comes to your mind when you read the blog title? Let me guess. Perhaps, just like me, you think it sounds super duper healthy? ...more

Links to Reads: January 2015

February is here. I am a bit late with previous month’s Links to Reads, but better late than never. Here’s a selection of some of the interesting articles I read in January ....more

Just Cookie Dough

Recently I was contacted by Hampton Creek about possibly willing to try one of their...more

My Cookbook Won!

Dear readers. What you’ve just read in that picture is what I’ve been trying to wrap my head around ever since I received the notification email a few days ago....more

Pumpkin-Pecan Rolls with Maple Glaze

The other day I walked into our local TJMaxx store to buy a gift for a friend, and walked out with a gift for that friend and one for myself. Guess what I bought for myself. Not difficult ....more