World Changing: A User's Guide for the 21st Century, part 2

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World Changing package Before I provide my second list of links gleaned from World Changing: A Users's Guide for the 21st Century, edited by Alex Steffen (Abrams, 2006), I want to give you a couple of related links that came from the blogosphere. (Here's the original post on this book.)

Shelley Powers, writing in Just Shelley, pointed out a site called WaterSANA that has frequent videos about water, health, imagination, and living the green life.

Limor Fried, who will be a keynoter at SXSW Interactive this year, says she is interesed in "industrial design, holistic engineering, machining, fashion, bicycle design and modification, hacking consumer electronics, Design Noir, color print photography, and glassblowing. Oh yeah, and electronics." She runs a business with Phil Torreone of Make Magazine called Adafruit that is about making DIY electronic kits. (I mentioned Make Magazine in my first post about World Changing: A Users's Guide for the 21st Century.)

Okay, on to some links from the book:

  • World Changing, the site that started it all
  • Free Geek, a nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon, rebuilds junked computers. It loads them up with free software and gives them to low-income people everywhere. Yes, they will take your old computer.
  • The Institute for OneWorld Health is a non profit pharmacutical company. You read that right, it isn't a misprint. Dr. Victoria G. Hale is the founder of this company, which aims to develop safe and affordable medicines.
  • < a href="">Sustainable South Bronx, under the leadership of Majora Carter is in the process of "greening the ghetto" with a variety of sustainable development projects that are taking the place of dumps and waste-processing plants. The achievements of this group can be an inspiration to all community activists.
  • Kiva lets you loan small amounts to specific individual entrepreneurs in developing counties. When the money is repaid, you can reclaim the money or loan it to another business of your choice.
  • International Futures gives you the opportunity to run systems models of the world's future based on whatever parameters you want: CO2, oil, water, agriculture, etc.
  • Gap Minder is somewhat similar to the Internation Futures system, but it is based on data from the Human Deveopment Report by the United Nations Environment Programme in 2005.
  • America Speaks organizes town-meeting like events where citizens can meet to discuss ideas for various problems.

I hope the list of resources I picked as examples from the book give you an idea of the scope of ideas for a bright green future that this book encompases. It truly is a source book for a sustainable future.

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