jettie’s fashion boot camp party

Hello. How are you? It’s so typical of me to talk about posting and then never do it… Seriously though, I am so sorry blog ....more

baileys irish cream scones

Earlier this week I posted these Lucky Charms cereal cookies for the kiddos (and kiddos alike). Never one to leave out the adult fun on St Patrick’s Day, I simply had to post something for the 21+ crowd. And you guys, this is a really good one ....more

lucky charms cereal cookies

Now through the end of March I am declaring random recipe posting month – I have been shooting recipes, teasing you with the “coming soon” on my insta stories (which aren’t all that exciting – but I am giving it a go), and all the while not finding the time to actually post them. Disclaimer: I could of been posting those recipes instead of watching back to back episodes of “Grace & Frankie” buuuuut that show speaks to me on a out of this world level and I needed it in my life. [I may have a dirty martini obsession now but it’s okay.] Sadly, I am all caught up with G&F so onto productive things….productive things like these breakfast cookies ....more

hitched for 10 in key west

We have always talked about going BIG...more

chocolate raspberry sandwich cookies

Valentine’s day is literally a blink away and I feel we all deserve a little something decadent. And cute. And damn delicious ....more

tsum tsum printable valentines

It’s time to take the tree down and start thinking about Valentine’s day! [Please tell me I am not the only one who still has a tree up.] I happen to adore pink, red, hearts and all things adorable so yeah, Valentine’s Day is well loved in my world. When Jettie received a plethora of small collectible toys for Christmas, I couldn’t help but think how fabulous they would be as Valentines ....more

coconut almond date balls

I had granola on the mind bad…with every intention of whipping up a batch this morning and dazzling the internet with my homemade granola skills. Oven was preheated, baking sheet was lined with parchment and the bowl was ready for ingredients. Too bad I had no oatmeal on hand ....more

grapefruit shortbread cookies

If you’re on the desperate hunt for an insanely easy and even more insanely delicious treat to whip up for the holidays this cookie is calling your name. Christmas cookies have a tendency to be heavy and rich. And they should be…it is the holiday season after all ....more

diy whipped body lotion

Hey! I’m blogging…what the heck, right? Sorry for my lack of presence here ....more

meet the jetsons

“Meet George Jetson. His boy Elroy. Daughter Judy ....more