I'm making a list!

That button's barely hanging on... Can you believe we've made it to another Christmas season? Yeah, me neither ....more

$1650 HUGE cash GIVEAWAY

So, after you win this, you're totally going to take me Christmas shopping, right? And I DON'T mean so we can buy toys for the kiddos...Good luck friends!! I hope one of YOU wins!Tweet #1650ChristmasCashGiveaway Thanks to some amazing bloggers we were able to come collectively together with a ...more


Image Credit It's no secret that I've been doing quite the balancing act since becoming a mommy over six years ago now. What with church, school, friends, babies, work, working out (luh u, gym), and of course, my main hobby of eating delicious foods, you could EASILY say that my life is rather insane....more

The Worst 2nd Birthday Present EVER

Mr. M is getting a not-so-special birthday present this year. He's turning the big 2 and that means a certain "pashi" friend is hitting the road, Jack!Unfortunately, it isn't our first time playing the pacifier game ....more

Lincoln Blogs....Get it?!

Sorry, I just couldn't help that little play on words. ...more

Spilling the beefs...

Do you have any people in your life, acquaintances or otherwise, that you're just dying to address? Maybe you've got a bone to pick, or an issue to air. ...more

Social Media Mixer, Linkin it up!

Just finished an awesome women's retreat weekend, more on that next week. Until then, come check out some new blogs! Welcome to the 17th...more

When the homework hits the fan (and 4 easy ways to make it stop).

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved homework. ...more

I'm Co-hosting the Social Media Mixer This Week!

Come check out some new blogs and make some new friends! Welcome to the 16th week of the Social Media Mixer! Thank you to everyone who joined us for Week 15 - we had 150 blogs and numerous social media link-ups! ...more

Seven Snapshots

Seven bits and pieces from the last week and a half...'cause I really do want to remember! 1) Reading The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore to Mr ....more