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I'm a fiber arts junkie! Sewing and quilting for the past 15 years, I also enjoy ribbon crafting, knitting, and dyeing fabric. A former journalist, my first book, "50 Ribbon Rosettes and Bows to Make," will be published in August 2014 through St. Martin's Griffin Press. Come join me at to sew along with me, and get great business and blogging tips, too!

Sew a child-sized tool belt for your handychild

Hello, everyone! This is Nichole from Bluebird & the Boy. Today I'd like to share with you a tutorial for a Junior Tool Belt...perfect for the little handyboy (or handygirl) in your house! ...more

Making Money Blogging: SewMcCool September 2014 Blog Earnings

The end of the second quarter of 2014 "jump started" me into a period of reflection about the future of my blog and my overall business plans. Heavy stuff, I know. Click here to read the SewMcCool September 2014 blog earnings report... ....more

How to sew a chip bag costume

For several months my youngest daughter told me (with a devious grin) that she wanted to be a Dorito bag for Halloween. I was in denial for awhile...and then realized she was serious. Click here to learn how to sew a Dorito bag/chip bag costume! ...more

Blog hop – sewing for your home!

Check out these three projects in a mini blog hop where a few of us share home-sewing projects! The post Blog hop – sewing for your home! appeared first on Sew McCool ....more

5 sewing hacks for T-shirt patterns

Jonie here, from Knot Sew Normal. I am so happy to be back here today. The weather is changing here and it is time for long-sleeves ....more

How to sew cloth napkins

Maybe you've just purchased your first serger. And you want to do something other than just serge seams. You want to show off! ...more

How competition is changing the PDF pattern design business

Transport yourself back to the mid-2000s. When paper patterns were almost all we had to choose from. When instant gratification for obtaining a pattern wasn't an option ....more

How to sew a fleece beret

It's Addie from again and I am excited to show you how to sew a fleece beret today. I originally designed this pattern for my daughter in order to sew her a black beret to complete her artist ensemble. I came across that beret a few days ago and decided to make her a new one that she can wear this winter ....more

Call for 2015 SewMcCool contributors – and changes

Apply to be a contributor on SewMcCool for the first half of 2015! Looking for a handful of great bloggers to write how-to posts, pattern reviews and round-ups. Also, hear about some changes coming to the blog, starting immediately ....more

5 seam finishes for garment sewing

Hi! This is Chelsea from GYCT Designs! One of the questions I get all the time is "How do I finish a seam?" or "What is a seam finish?" Today, I'll be able to enlighten you! ...more