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I'm a fiber arts junkie! Sewing and quilting for the past 15 years, I also enjoy ribbon crafting, knitting, and dyeing fabric. A former journalist, my first book, "50 Ribbon Rosettes and Bows to Make," will be published in August 2014 through St. Martin's Griffin Press. Come join me at to sew along with me, and get great business and blogging tips, too!

One Thimble Magazine is here – with two new Birdsong patterns!

If you haven't heard of the Australian digital magazine One Thimble Magazine, it's time to get acquainted! One Thimble Magazine, Issue 8 - the brainchild of Jen Kennedy, (the link is an affiliate link) isn't just beautiful to behold. It's packed full of 12 full PDF patterns, articles, tutorials, and other how-tos that will keep you sewing for months! ...more

New sewing patterns coming soon! Swing Set Skort and Butterfly Blouse

Where, oh where have I been? I didn't take the summer off at all....I was designing two new sewing patterns for girls! I'd love to be able to be one of those people who can seemingly Do It All, but with my kids being home in the summer and working on these patterns - for One Thimble Magazine - I simply had no time to blog without making myself very, very crabby, lol ....more

How to sew elastic waistbands that won’t twist

When I started sewing skirts and shorts with elastic waistbands for my girls, I was not in love with how the elastic could inside the casing. Sure, it's easy enough to sew vertically at the side seams on each side, but I knew there was a better way. If you're a beginner, go ahead and sew elastic waistbands the "beginner" way, by folding down a casing and inserting the elastic ....more

5 signs it’s time to take a break from your creative business

Has your enthusiasm for your creative business waned? Here are 5 signs it's time to take a break from your creative business. I talk to a couple of the top "performers" in the online sewing world about the need to step away in order to grow ....more

So, who drafted that pattern?

Not all PDF pattern designers draft and grade their own designs. I talk to some leading drafters and ask - do customers care? Click here to read more.. ....more

Goodbye, frilly dresses

Today I cried as I gave away my daughter's frilly dresses that she's outgrown. But then I realized that it meant my sewing journey can grow with her. Click here to read my reflections on being a "mommy sewist." The post Goodbye, frilly dresses appeared first on Sew McCool ....more

Pattern Workshop Review: It’s an A+

I accidentally got my first Illustrator instructor fired. But Lauren Dahl gets an A+ for her Pattern Workshop course. Here's my Pattern Workshop review ....more

4 signs that it’s time to quit your creative business

You may not know it, but there's an 11th commandment in life. "Thou shalt not quit." Am I right? So even when a creative business is floundering, or you're just too dang exhausted or cash-strapped to get excited about it any more, you'll hang on and on until the business dies in either...more

A short break to reflect….and focus

Almost nine years ago I started my hair bow business when my youngest daughter was only six months old. Since that time, I've run an online business - it's changed and grown and morphed over the years, but it's been my focus and passion for the longest I've ever held a "career position." So I now find that it's time to take a 6-week break to reflect, focus, and be creative for the sake of creativity. Click here to read more.. ....more

5 reasons why your sewing doesn’t need to be perfect

My name is Deanna, and I am not perfect. My sewing is not perfect. And sometimes this shames me ....more