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Brooklyn Athletic Club: One Unique Experience

Even though the New Year brings an expected rush of new and reactivated gym memberships, I promise I am not pushing another workout facility your way. But what I am recommending is a Montrose restaurant that boasts a chef driven menu, is inspired by a cuisine that is fit for the lover and connoisseur...more

Cirque du Soleil Returns to Houston With Amaluna

Make your date FLIP this Valentine’s with Amaluna from Cirque du Soleil. Amaluna is the ultimate celebration of love. The unconditional love between a mother and daughter, the strength of centuries-old love felt within a community; and the heart-stopping, new, love-at-first-sight of inevitable lovers-to-be ....more

Houston Joins the "Selma" Movement! Brings Free Tickets to Students

Houston has joined the massive national campaign by African-American business leaders to raise funds for free student admission to the Academy Award®-nominated and Golden Globe-winning film “SELMA,” expanding the unprecedented movement to a total of 29 locations nationwide. Following the lead of a team of African-American business leaders in New York and across the U.S., funds have been established that will allow students to see “SELMA” for free at participating theaters while supplies last. To date, more than 300,000 middle and high school students across the U.S. will experience the critically acclaimed film for free ....more

My Loves: That Hat & Scarf Tho.

Can I tell you guys how excited I've been that we've had weeks and weeks of cold weather here in Houston! I mean yes it sucked that we barely saw the sun for that same time period. However, I choose to take those lemons and make lemonade! ...more

The Enduring Allure of Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine

In the ever-changing Westheimer neighborhood, restaurants have come and gone as the city’s culinary trends change. While many establishments succumb to the fickle tastes of H-town residents and close within five years, Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine remains. Why? ...more

"Beyond The X-Ray" Exhibit Now Open at the Health Museum

Ready to play doctor? The Health Museum is bringing an exciting new exhibit to Houston which explores medical imaging and spans the ways doctors look inside the human body without surgery. Beyond the X-Ray debuts January 17, 2015 and runs through May 3, 2015 ....more

Urban Swank Does...Dish Society

I feel so bad that I haven't shared my thoughts on Dish Society with you guys before now. However, I wanted to make sure that my tastebuds had not deceived me and the Shrimp & Grits were really that good! But before I get to the really good part let me give you a little background information.. ....more

Watch Designer Spotlight - Philip Stein

I have worn watches for several decades as a form of self expression and it is the way I choose to accessorize everyday. Would one ever think that a watch could improve improve my quality of life? Well that is what the founders, Will and Rina Stein, believe to be true ....more

Urban Swank Debuts on Bravo TV's "Best New Restaurant"

When the producers from Bravo TV's new competition series, Best New Restaurant, contacted us to gauge our interest in being a part of a new reality television series we were excited to say the least! When we learned our roles would be that of "undercover diners" we knew we would be a perfect fit. After all, it's exactly what we do when we cover restaurants for Urban Swank, right? ...more

Poultry Perfection at Dak & Bop

I would like to propose an overhaul of the acronym “KFC.” No longer should a certain national fast food chain have a monopoly over this particular string of consonants. A small shop in H-town is proving Korean Fried Chicken is a far better way to enjoy crispy poultry parts. Dak & Bop isn’t the first or the only place in Houston that serves Korean-style fried chicken, which differs from the traditional American version by being fried twice during preparation ....more