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Restaurant Copycat: Snap Kitchen’s Watermelon Juice

While Snap Kitchen isn’t a restaurant per se, they’ve earned a spot on my restaurant copycat list due to their irresistibly refreshing cold-pressed juices. During one particularly sweltering afternoon, I was inspired to try making my own version of their vibrant watermelon-based juices. Though my home brew couldn’t quite capture the subtle fizz of the Snap Kitchen original, I found that adding a splash of sparkling water satiated my craving for that hit of carbonation amid a tropical combination of uber-sweet watermelon and papaya tempered by lime and mellowed with earthy coconut water ....more

The Perfect Guy - Houston Movie Pass Giveaway

After breaking up with her commitment phobic boyfriend (Morris Chestnut), successful lobbyist Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) jumps into a passionate relationship with a charming stranger (Michael Ealy). When Dave resurfaces in her life she has to decide which man she should trust and which one she should fear. Urban Swank is giving...more

TopShelf Expands On-Demand Alcohol Delivery App to Houston

The future of alcohol delivery is here... TopShelf launched the alcohol delivery service during SXSW in Austin, Texas and has now expanded to Houston. The free app seamlessly connects users with local liquor stores that offer delivery ....more

Urban Swank Does...Under Armour

There are many things that have been said that one needs to ensure a great workout… Workout in the morning. Eat slow digesting carbs before your workout. Train with several different people ....more

Much More Than Just Pierogi At Polonia

Houstonians, you may not realize it, but the tastes of Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, etc. are within your reach--and not necessarily through multi-leg flights from IAH. Both inner- and outer-loop residents can easily access stellar Polish fare via a short drive to Polonia, Houston’s premier Polish restaurant and supermarket ....more

Kitchen Essentials: Cooking With Wine

Wine is known as the drink of the gods in many cultures. Ancient Greeks and Romans had a god devoted to wine. Even Jesus is known to have partaken of this grape juice with a twist ....more

The Skinny - B & B Butchers (Steakhouse & Butcher Shop)

Where Did We Go? B & B Butchers1814 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007 What's The Skinny? Houston has had its share of new steakhouse openings this year but B & B Butchers is the one that is transforming the way we think about restaurants where meat is king ....more

The Swank Bag: Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip-Flops

Many of you know I love boots and heels, but I also have this crazy obsession with flip flops! It's so random I know and there's really nothing sexy about them except getting to show off a great set of popsicles toes (sexy feet with a good pedicure). Well at the beginning of summer I purchased the perfect pair of flip flops and have fallen head over heels for my Sanuk's...more

D'marcos Pizzeria: Making Chicago Proud (in Houston)

I can officially consider myself well educated on Chicago style pizza. Well, I'm not saying surprise me one day with a pop quiz, but I can at least speak intelligently on the subject thanks to Chicagoan turned Houstonian, Demarco Jenkins, owner of D'marcos Pizzeria. Inheriting well-guarded recipes from the owners of his favorite Chicago pizzeria, Mama Rigetta's, Jenkins has brought a new kind of pizza to Houston ....more