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From Berlin, With Love: Verts Kebap

Newcomer to fast-casual dining scene in Houston is Verts Kebap, the brainchild of two Austin residents who were missing the döner kebap they enjoyed in Berlin. The German capital became particularly famous for kebap because of its large Turkish immigrant population who brought this style of flatbread or pita sandwich filled with rotisserie meat from their homeland. Kebap (or “kebab”) refers to the assemblage of meats and vegetables grilled on a spit, while döner is derived from the Turkish doner (to turn around) ....more

Hello New Menu! - Bonefish Grill Gift Card Giveaway

Urban Swank has partnered with Bonefish Grill for a tasty $50 gift card giveaway! Yum, yum, getcha some! Bonefish Grill has introduced a new menu that will satisfy both surf and turf lovers with innovative and unique new Appetizers, Bowls including Spicy Ahi Tuna and NY Strip Tataki, Steaks and Chops, and Side Dishes that offer up twists on the tried and true ....more

Ce qui est concassé? How To Peel and Seed a Tomato

Native to Mexico and Central America the tomato is one of those foods that changed the culinary landscape after its discovery. Tomatoes actually had an inauspicious beginning since they were thought to be poisonous. This was due to the fact that unripe fruits as well as the other parts of the plant contain a toxic alkaloid ....more

Moon Tower Inn - Bringing Vegetarians and Carnivores Together

When Moon Tower Inn initially opened, Houstonians gave thanks. We loved the dressed-up wild game hot dogs and craft beer in the dressed-down outdoor setting. Never mind the long lines or the fact there wasn’t actually a “moon tower” (whatever that is) on the property ....more

Phoenicia Specialty Foods - A Multi Sensory Experience

Phoenicia Specialty Foods is not where you go when you a) are in a hurry and/or b) just looking to pick up a few staples. A visit to Phoenicia is multi-sensory experience in which you encounter hundreds of fresh and packaged foods from around the globe that demand your perusal. Just as you can’t get through the Louvre in 15 minutes, nor can you make your way (in any productive, enjoyable fashion at least) through Phoenicia ....more

Urban Swank Does...Katch 22

I’m not big on watching sports, but if I were forced to do so, Katch 22 would be my haunt of choice. The barely over-a-year-old restaurant, a collaboration between Kory Clemens and Luke Mandola, is a polished establishment that manages to balance the spirit of an upscale sports bar with a restaurant serving earnest, quality fare. The long, rectangular space on Durham—the spot that formerly housed Convivio—boasts a large parking lot, making for hassle-free parking ....more

Happy Hour! West Ave Kicks Off Tasty Tuesdays

West Ave introduces Tasty Tuesdays, a delicious celebration of small plates and refreshing cocktails, just in time for the return of patio weather. Cru, Nara, Eddie V's, Del Friscos Grille and Pondicheri are rolling out exciting menus from 5 to 7 p.m. every Tuesday, offering specials and new selections. Cru is bubbling with Tasty Tuesday specials offering Small Plate Happy Hour featuring Steamed Mussels, Goat Cheese Beignets and Margherita Pizza for just $3 to $4 a plate ....more

Appetizing Adventures at Andes Café

Just a glance at Andes Café’s menu and it is clear the restaurant is ambitious. Customers are presented with a carefully curated ensemble of dishes from different South American countries and each and every one sounds delicious. But considering the breadth of preparation styles, ingredients, and cooking techniques involved in producing such a diverse selection of dishes, not everything, you assume, could be good ....more

Urban Swank Does....True Food Kitchen

Recently True Food Kitchen opened in Blvd Place at San Felipe and Post Oak Blvd. (this is shaping up to be a powerful intersection). This concept restaurant offers globally inspired cuisine including starters, salads, sandwiches, entrees and fresh-squeezed juices, based on Dr ....more

Revival Market - The One Stop Gourmet Food Shop

In my fantasy world, all the 7-11 convenience stores disappear (except, maybe, one or two) and replaced by Revival Markets. Yes, I recognize that this one-stop gourmet food shop and deli would lose a lot of its charm if it turned into a chain, but man, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I was never too far from their lamb pastrami melt? Not that this glorious sandwich is the only thing that keeps me returning again and again to Revival Market even though for me the trip over involves facing the crazies that speed on the Allen Parkway ....more