Noodle Throwing As A Parental Philosophy

As we are aware that the habits we instill in our children will carry through to their adult years, I recently worked my way through the “Practical Personality” material by Mystie Winckler and did my best to “type” each of the kids, and both parents. Hubby and I studied the information on each child and made a list of strengths and weaknesses we wanted to be aware of as we made our plans for the coming year. It’s a tricky balance between understanding their individual needs and coming up with a system and schedule that works for all 9 people in our home ....more

The Miracle of the Middle

On long or short car rides as a family, Husband and I often roll our eyes and joke that we are chaperones on the longest middle school field trip ever. Because with kids ages 13 down to 5, the humor level never rises above 5th grade. And we’ll be here for the next decade – trapped in a vehicle with poop jokes and missing deodorant ....more

Moral of the Story: Check Your Spam Folder

I’m pleased (honored, thrilled, happy dancing) to tell you that I have signed with a literary agent! Rachelle Gardner of Books & Such Literary Agency is now my representative to help me sell my stories to a publisher. I know ....more

Hypothetical Hats

I was recently interviewed by the SortaAwesome podcast about making time for your passion. The host, Megan, asked me how I make everything happen in a day, and I gave her a philosophical answer rather than a practical one. Because the truth is, nobody can or should duplicate my days or my life ....more

Lessons From New Dog

Like any normal middle schooler, my daughter is searching for her identity. And, maybe because she’s in the middle of a passel of kids, she finds identity in what she can claim. “Mine” is hard to come by with six siblings ....more

Notes From the Rock Tumbler

My most recent writing class asked students to compare themselves to a fairy tale character. Students struggled to find the perfect fit. My job was to reassure them that the exercise isn’t perfect ....more

Crumbs in the Pantry… and a Seasonal Change

So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor. For we are God’s fellow workers ....more

Bullet Journal for Real Life

I’m a technology girl. I love that Andrew and I can sync up our calendars and keep our little train on the tracks with all of our devices. I love that we can rearrange appointments with the flick of a finger and set reminders so we don’t forget to take the girls to ballet ....more

Shall Remain Nameless

Our lives are currently like one big Jenga game. We stack all the appointments, the co-op classes, the learning therapy, the school work, the feeding, and the laundry like a tall tower of blocks and hope that nothing slips out of place or disrupts the other things. And some days, maybe most days, one little block gets pulled and the whole thing wobbles or falls ....more

A Reset

So this happened. Adam’s birthday is always a reset for me. His birthday kicks off school and then the rest of the birthdays roll in a few months later ....more