Lessons From New Dog

Like any normal middle schooler, my daughter is searching for her identity. And, maybe because she’s in the middle of a passel of kids, she finds identity in what she can claim. “Mine” is hard to come by with six siblings ....more

Notes From the Rock Tumbler

My most recent writing class asked students to compare themselves to a fairy tale character. Students struggled to find the perfect fit. My job was to reassure them that the exercise isn’t perfect ....more

Crumbs in the Pantry… and a Seasonal Change

So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth. He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor. For we are God’s fellow workers ....more

Bullet Journal for Real Life

I’m a technology girl. I love that Andrew and I can sync up our calendars and keep our little train on the tracks with all of our devices. I love that we can rearrange appointments with the flick of a finger and set reminders so we don’t forget to take the girls to ballet ....more

Shall Remain Nameless

Our lives are currently like one big Jenga game. We stack all the appointments, the co-op classes, the learning therapy, the school work, the feeding, and the laundry like a tall tower of blocks and hope that nothing slips out of place or disrupts the other things. And some days, maybe most days, one little block gets pulled and the whole thing wobbles or falls ....more

A Reset

So this happened. Adam’s birthday is always a reset for me. His birthday kicks off school and then the rest of the birthdays roll in a few months later ....more

Free the Dinosaurs!!

I’ve got a few Finn funnies I’ve been saving, and if I don’t type them up right now, I’m afraid they’ll fall out of my head. Because it’s like swiss cheese up there. It’s so bad, I review these little items over and over in my head at night so I won’t forget them ....more

Onion Week

Andrew and I just got back from vacation and now it’s Wednesday. So, you can imagine how that feels… like every other Wednesday of the year. How quickly that glow from vacation fades as soon as we step back into the crumbs and missing hamsters ....more

Boogie Night

It was with great rejoicing that we married off Sister 2 a few weeks ago. She married a fantastic guy from the UK on 4th of July weekend, so our family is doing our part to heal the breach between the two countries. And also to terrify his very British family about the sort of people he’s married into ....more

Wild and Woolly

When I opened up WordPress tonight, I’m pretty sure I heard rusty hinges creaking. Let’s see how fast I can catch you up, shall we? Hang on to your hats… We kicked off summer by cheering while my sister got hitched ....more