Wild and Woolly

When I opened up WordPress tonight, I’m pretty sure I heard rusty hinges creaking. Let’s see how fast I can catch you up, shall we? Hang on to your hats… We kicked off summer by cheering while my sister got hitched ....more

Lightening Review: Mifold Car Seat

Today’s short and sweet lightening review: Mifold Car Seat. This one’s a game-changer!! Car seats have been a huge pain in our backs, our knuckles, and our backsides since the twins were born ....more

Lightening Review: Jord Wooden Watch

Another Lightening Review – This time it’s something pretty for the mamas (or the daddies). And there’s a special discount on these beautiful wood watches, just for you! Andrew loves the Jord Watch I reviewed awhile back, so when Jord approached me and asked if I wanted one for myself… DUH ....more

Lightening Review: Circle by Disney

I know it’s a busy season and time is short. But I’ve got several things we’ve been using and loving that I wanted to tell you about. So for the next week or so, I’m sharing quick reviews ....more

Not Enough

May is always weird, isn’t it? School year is wrapping up, you’re still digging out spring and summer clothes, the house is trashed after a year of schooling, and you can’t find that suspicious smell in your pantry. I’m typing this sitting in the local elementary school’s library ....more

Breathing Is For Other People

The activity here is at no-time-to-oxygenate levels. Let’s dive right in, shall we? There was a week where Andrew was out of town and, even with the ample help of Gran and Pops, I ’bout lost my mind ....more

What’s In Your Bag

THE BLACK HOLE I got an email from a reader today asking me what I carry around in my purse/bag now that we’re diaper free. (Hi, Jenny Z.!) I had to think for a minute because it’s hard for me to remember that I ever needed a diaper bag. More accurately, I quit carrying diapers around with me long before Finn was potty trained ....more

Restful Learning For The Weary Mama

We consider ourselves classical homeschoolers. And we like the direction the classical movement is heading with the idea of Schole. Essentially, Schole is a call to the pursuit of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty for the sake of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty instead of performance and pridefulness.* It’s like a great big “Settle Down, Mavis” for the classical homeschooling crowd ....more

Lazy Parenting Wins

So good news: WE FOUND THE KEYS! On Tuesday morning before co-op, I sent Ian out to the van to move Finn’s carseat into the smaller car. A few minutes later, he appeared in the house, proudly holding the van keys ....more

That Time We Got The Flu And Had To Call The Locksmith

Technically, we haven’t called the locksmith yet. Hope springs eternal. But let me start at the beginning… A week and a half ago, I took Ellen down to my brother’s house so she could help Aunt Dorothy with her new baby ....more