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I'm a 6"2 cookbook author, food stylist, food and beauty blogger, photographer and general food fanatic.. Mom to twins. Ex make-up and hair artist obsessed with beautiful clothes and spaces. I like to spend too much money on shoes and I'm quite partial to the odd gin & tonic. 

Vegetable Rösti with avocado cream

I’ve been thinking about my mom so much lately. I mean, more than normal. I pretty much think about her everyday, but over the last few weeks, she has been on my mind constantly ....more

Bourbon basted cheese burgers and Mexican street corn

When the incredibly cool people over at Weber asked if I would like to work with them for a couple of months on their #bestinclass campaign,...more

Steak & mushroom pot pie

Now that the temperature has cooled down to a more comfortable level (ie. I can bear to be in the kitchen again), I am loving whipping up all my favourite comfort foods. Pies in general are a regular in our household during the cooler months because firstly, my family loves anything with pastry and second, […] The post Steak & mushroom pot pie appeared first on Simply Delicious ....more

Banana, date and pecan muffins with cinnamon sugar

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really like muffins. I just honestly don’t see the point. Why would you eat what is technically cake, but without the delicious frosting? ...more

Hasselback potatoes with Sriracha butter

Hasselwhat potatoes? Don’t worry, I also didn’t know at first. When I was growing up, my mom used to make these potatoes all the time but she used to call them “Concertina potatoes” and let’s face it, that is a much better description of them but whatever the name, these were the potatoes of my […] The post Hasselback potatoes with Sriracha butter appeared first on Simply Delicious ....more

Crispy chicken pops

In life, there are days where you want light, refreshing food. Food that feeds your body and makes you wholesome and healthy. Today is not one of those days ....more

Creamed spinach grilled cheese sandwich

Would you just take a look at that. That melty, luscious spinach and feta filling with a little mozzarella for that extra bit of ooze. Yes please! ...more

Chicken, tomato and mushroom stew with garlic Parmesan mash

You guys, stew! STEW! Do you know how excited I am that I can actually cook stew again? ...more

Bacon corn bread

When I first posted this recipe back in 2011, I never knew it would be such a hit. I mean, I knew people would like it because let’s face it, bacon AND corn baked into a delicious loaf? Mother may I!! ...more

Easy DIY flavored water

It is a constant quest in life, to drink more water. Well, for most of the adults I know anyway. I’m always asked how I manage to drink the amount of water I do and how I love it so much ....more