IKEA Hacks

Happy Friday y’all! The weekend is so close! It is no secret I love IKEA (my dad went without me last week and I was so sad!) and of course a good IKEA hack ....more

Monthly Musing: March 2016

Welcome to the end of another month! Holly and I are here to share our favorite things for the month! You can see all of our previous favorites here ....more

Long Distance Relationship Tips

Unfortunately, I am super used to surviving long distance relationships. My now husband proposed weeks before he left for Korea for a year. We survived (below is the first picture we took once he got back!)and got married, and now, almost 4 years later, he is in training for his dream job… but far away......more

How I Dress up Plain Outfits

This is brought to you by...more

My Favorite 21 Day Fix Getaway Dinners

This past weekend I spent in Tahoe with family and friends. Since I am pregnant and couldn’t ski I volunteered to be in charge of the dinners while everyone was out on the slopes. Since we were traveling with all the food and had 7 people to feed I made sure the dinners were simple......more

How to finish IKEA butcher block

When I bought my IKEA kitchen cart, I assumed the butcher block would be finished. You know what they say about assumptions… so I learned...more

Our Europe Visit – Paris

** With the recent events unfolding in Brussels I must take a moment to send my deepest condolences to all those affected. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Brussels. ** On Monday I shared some of my favorite parts of Madrid, here ....more

Cute One Piece Swimsuits

My skin is super pale and super sensitive to the sun. I try my best to stay covered and protect it at all times- but when vacationing & wearing a bathing suit I try even more. Cute umbrellas and hats are a must, but the emergence of cute one piece swimsuits has definitely made it......more

Must Have DIY Tools

We definitely learned a lot from our first house (see everything here!), including which tools we used over and over again! Here are my must have DIY tools (for beginners!) Easy Basic...more

Our Europe Visit – Madrid

One of the best parts of my job is the ability to work from anywhere. So when David needed a trip to Spain and France for his job I totally jumped on board! We started our trip in Madrid which may have ended up being my favorite city on our trip ....more