Shelley Powers, the BarCamp UnNetworker, Camille Paglia returns, and eating entrails on your tummy

Chewbacca defenseHappy Valentine's Day. See if you can spot the theme in this link roundup.

The Angry Black Woman confronts Tucker Carlson's remarks about Barack Obama's religion:

"Someone needs to take Tucker Carlson's bowtie away. Or shove it in his mouth."

There's an f-word in the above piece. Fair warning.

Whatever! I blog what I want!

CartmanShelley Powers reads Mary Hodder's post about technology conferences as a networking tool for women and does a Cartman:

Whatevah! I network when I want!

Mary's piece is sincere and has some interesting points, but Shelley's post provides a different perspective. One thing is for certain: the importance of networking cannot be underestimated (cc: the world).

I will eat your entrails -- on my tum-may!

Atheist OttersThe feminist everyone loves to hate, Camille Paglia, has returned online. She eats feminist entrails on her tummy, you know.

I haven't gotten to her first Salon article, though, because the comments responding to it are so entertaining.

My favorite is:

Her time came and went

No nice way to say it. It isn't 1995 any more.

Who knows, maybe Barbara Ehrenreich will respond to an article of Paglia's and a flame war will break out. One can only hope.

Faux Real Tho nutures similar hopes: "You bring the beer, I'll bring the popcorn and Twizzlers."

Can someone please direct Paglia's attention to Twisty?

Images, from top to bottom: The Angry Black Woman, GameDaily, Go God Go XII, Wikipedia

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