A Note to an Infertile Father to a Hopeful Father

Father’s Day is just like any other weekend day. You get up, you realize all the things that need to be done around the house, you “plan” to do about 17 tasks fully aware that you will likely only complete 2, and you will go to bed with a queasy mixture of accomplishment and frustration. It is awesome to be a guy ....more

Seeing Double

I woke up that morning. Candace and I had waited for what seemed to be an epoch. Finally, we hopped in the car and headed to UVA hospital to meet with a neuroophthalmologist, get an MRI, and then meet with my neurosurgeon ....more

That Time we did IVF With a Missing Uterus…and a Toddler

Candace- I received a box and a few random packages at my doorstep. Walking up reluctantly to my door, I took a deep breath gathered them all and brought them in the house. It took a while to open these packages, I would say at least a week ....more

We sit. We wait. We worry.

Candace This post was going to be about sunshine-y things, rainbows and even a feel-good recap of how Chris and I took on Capitol Hill this past week. I am sorry, but it won’t be any of that. At least not this week ....more

Listen Up! Infertility Community

WARNING … this will be a case of turning around and “preaching to the choir.” If you want to find people writing about why “you” should be cognoscente of the struggle that others face regarding family building, there are plenty of examples!...more

I’m in a Relationship…WITH A GIRL

Candace- I mean Chris and I both are really. We all did our due diligence and read every single word on the 22 page contract document. Dotted i’s, crossed t’s and made sure all parties that would be involved (including the man-folk) were in a good place after...more

Infertility and Our Indelible Smiles

This post is dedicated...more

Making Surrogacy Mock Cycles Suck Less

Surrogacy mock cycles are the coolest! OK, not really. Let’s step back and define this whole mock cycle talk ....more

The Kanga Kapers

I remember...more

Infertility and the Parenting Slopes

I am going to take everyone on an allegorical ski adventure to compare and contrast infertility with parenting. It is...more