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Maybe you think that Califa is Latin America and maybe you don't. But whatever, here's a fabulous chicana blogger, sys admin, and activist from San Jose: xicanista: Thoughts of a Chicana Feminist.

I went back through xicanista's archives, enjoying her personal posts and her thoughts about movies, tv, computing and blogging, and found this fun post:

Blogger and Browsers:

To all my non-technical friends,

There is a world beyond Microsoft Internet Explorer (I.E.) that I think you will enjoy. You should think about downloading FireFox and/or Opera.
A final note on FireFox - the person that leads Mozilla Foundation (the non-profit organization that develops FireFox) is a woman. Her name is Mitchell Baker. She has been successful in getting a bunch of developers from over the world to create a browser that competes with a multi-billion dollar company. It is pretty freakin' admirable.

Through xicanista's blog, I found, run by Webjefa and San Jose State professor Susanna L. Gallardo. Professor Gallardo's sister Daneane Gallardo, a "self-fixed php junkie" and total stud, is the founder of Topless Programming, a totally hilarious cool web resource for women in tech. "Dump the dicks. Hire some chicks." "The Hooters of Programming." It looks to be a community bulletin board, very new, still in beta.

I noticed, too, from Erica's first post in 2004:

After seeing Halley Suitt talk at Online Divas (held at The Tech Museum in San Jose, California and co-sponsored by the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology) I've decided to try blogging out. It may have potential.

Swoop on over to Erica's blog and say hello!


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