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Deep-Fried Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Get Your Raw Cookie Dough Fix ...more

Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Safe-To-Eat Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough If you like to eat raw cookie dough, you are in the right place. Thank Lara Ferroni for this recipe and check out her book, Cookie Doughlicious,...more

Mango and Coconut Gelées

Tropical Flavors in a Low Calorie Dessert I get a hankering for something sweet after dinner and I have begun making low fat, low calorie gelled desserts, such as these mango and coconut gelées, to have on hand to satisfy my cravings. I loved boxed Jell-O as a child but now I am partial to using unflavored gelatin and pure fruit juices. This one features coconut and tropical fruit flavors and is quite refreshing, as well as pretty ....more

Fruit Leather Recipes

Make Fruit Leather at Home Without a Dehydrator The technique of drying fruit into pliable sheets of “fruit leather” is a classic way to preserve fruit but I guess it came to my attention when my daughter was young in the mid-90s and I saw the individual snacks being sold at our local co-op and health food store. Some folks were into dehydrators and since I wasn’t purchasing one, I didn’t think much of it and continued to buy my fruit leather when the impulse struck. Drying it with a low oven is just as easy and Katie Caldesi does a great job of describing the process in her new book, The Gentle Art of Preserving (read our review) ....more

Swedish Low Sugar Raspberry Jam

Make Low-Sugar Raspberry Jam Quickly in the Microwave I have never been one to “put up” things. My BFF Mary does. I have strong memories of her basement shelves being lined with dozens of jars of tomato sauce and pickles and jams ....more

Marrons Glacés

Make Elegant, Traditional Marrons Glacés at Home Marrons...more

Vegan Frozen Hot Chocolate

Classic Frozen Hot Chocolate Made Vegan Friendly You can read about my homage to the original Frozen Hot Chocolate but I didn’t want to leave you vegans out! This drink is just too damn good! Coconut whipped cream tops off an almond milk and chocolate slushy delight ....more

Montélimar Nougat

Making Classic Nougat at Home Look at this image – a perfect mosaic made from sugar and nuts. The combination of chewy nougat and crunchy nuts is a classic combo and easier to make a to home than you might imagine, as long as you have a reliable candy thermometer. Pay heed to the temperatures and you will be successful ....more


Calissons: An Unusual but Classic French Confection to Make at Home ...more