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About Me

I’m a career, job search and writer's coach, and also the founder of (and sole writer for) Career Nook.  Some of you may know me from my previous career blog, Work Coach Café, now in the capable hands of Susan Joyce. 

I have an MBA in Finance with a minor in Economics, but just as proudly a B.A. in Theater and a minor in Psychology. For many years I worked as an independent organizational consultant to a major New York City university, where I specialized in business process improvement, project management, relationship management, workplace coaching, communications, and all aspects of job candidate hiring support.

And in 2010, following up on my own passion in jobs, careers and helping people, I completed a certificate in Career Planning and Development at NYU.

I have an array of real-world experience at various levels in the public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors. I was part of a mayoral task force that created a major homeless services agency, led the start-up of a national environmental demonstration project, helped design IT business processes that real people can use, and even worked on the Chrysler loan workout when I worked for a major bank.

I also did extra work on All My Children (loved it) and, when I was much younger, waitressed, ran an elevator, laced skates, built shelves for a community center, and handed out keys in a locker room. And I’ve rounded up cattle. (I just like telling people about that.)

As part of my consulting work, I was often asked to help with the hiring process, from initial resume screening, to phone interview, to reference checking, all the way through to the final decision. Along with workplace career coaching and mentoring, this was the consulting work I enjoyed most.

This first-hand experience, added to the over 60 jobs and consulting assignments I’ve gotten myself over the years, forms the basis of the real-world experience I first shared on Work Coach Café.

And now this hands-on experience, along with the Career Planning and Development training, provides the true life stories and career advice I share with Career Nook readers – and apply from the heart to the work I do coaching clients from all walks of life.

Coaching for writers

One more thing:  I love writing. All kinds. Blog articles. Fiction. Short stories. Playlets. Poems. Children’s stories. And I also love helping others with their own creative writing projects, even if they’ve never written anything like that before.

One writer I worked with completed his first novel with me by his side (via phone) as his coach. And so now I officially offer coaching for writers as one of my career coaching services.

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