Sunflowers Fight AIDS!

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That's right! According to Julie at the Human Flower Project, (one of my favorite blogs!), and researchers at the University of Bonn sunflowers might be effective in preventing the spread of HIV.

If you're not convinced sunflowers are the answer, Tara Smith shares her thoughts about President Bush's allocation of $200M AIDS funding for religious groups.

Tara is concerned,

Again, great. Sure, let's go and tell them what horrible sinners they are, and how they need redemption--not condoms. I'm not denying that there are some excellent religious groups who do good work, but from missionaries I've spoken with and reading I've done, it sure doesn't seem like they're respectful of the native culture--that it's more of a conversion mission than a humanitarian one.

Ah well, there's always the sunflowers, right?



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