The Moments We Stand

My name is Ashlee. I am a mother. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am an average girl whose dream has always been to be a mother and a wife. I have always craved a simple life, one of peace and happiness. I am a planner. I have always planned on my simple desire for life. I have learned that you can not always plan. I have come to find out that not every one who dreams of a simple life will be granted it as such. I am a "victim" of murder. I am a victim of infidelity. I am not alone in this sentence. I have had the privilege of raising my children and helping 5 other little "victims" find faith in a world that on a cold night in March left them with none. This is how we found light in a place that went dark all around us. How I learned to see a garden of beauty even when all felt lost. I hope that our story and the lessons we have learned can bring peace to at least one other struggling to find answers in their lives, and in turn help us find the peace that we continually seek. I got my degree in child development and human relationships from Utah State University with the hope in helping others through their hard times. I have had more people help me through mine. I used to consider myself a parenting expert... boy was I wrong. Through everything my kids have gone through..they have taught me way more than I could have ever taught them. They have been the little Angels that have pulled me to a brighter hour. They have given me hope and purpose. We have been on a journey of healing, searching for peace.

Why can't I have what they have?

I got an email from my friend Nathan Ogden yesterday and with his permission want to share it here... "WHY CAN'T I HAVE WHAT THEY HAVE!" Last week I took my two youngest daughters into the mountains of Idaho to speak with a group of middle-aged, single adults near Garden Valley. Our fun evening filled with great discussions and hot cobbler was enhanced by the beauty of majestic pine trees and mountains ....more

Bullet Proof

Ever since the first time I heard the song Titanium by Sia, I have always felt very connected to it. A few weeks ago during a family reunion all the kids were doing a talent show/karaoke party. Bailey sang this song when it was her turn.Just listen to these words ....more


A couple thoughts for this Monday... To read this first post on the blog:...more

What I wish I would have known in Middle School

Dear Blog, Sorry I have been abandoning you lately. Kids started school and I promise to think of you more often. Haha....more

St. George, Utah

It is time to start reserving your seat for St. George. October 22, 2016 ....more

The first step to healing trauma is to REMEMBER

One day I was sitting in church. Every prayer that was offered, and for every blessed piece of bread and water, I heard the word REMEMBER. It tugged at me and urged me to learn more ....more

The role to play

I have received a few emails from the girls that were at this girl's camp wondering if I could send them notes from my talk. I don't have any notes, but we had a bunch of recordings that my twins took on their iPods. They were sitting behind me, so it doesn't make for a great video to watch, but they got a lot of the key parts of my presentation and we put them together the best we could!! ...more

Another day to stand

For the last few years I have shared my heart with the world as a blogger. It is not a title I ever would have chosen for myself, but every day I have learned it is where I was always meant to be. Along this same journey I have had the opportunity to become a motivational speaker—also not something I would have ever aspired to ....more

Anything but normal

Last night I was getting frustrated with my washing machine. A few months back it started acting up and wouldn't add water into the tank. I experimented and found that if I ran it on the delicate cycle it worked just fine ....more


Ran into my friend Nathan Ogden and his family on the beach the other day! If you have heard him speak at A Reason to Stand...more