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Global Couture is an expression of my love for travel, self-exploration, cultural expression, and creativity.Global Couture is trying to spread the word about embracing your natural hair. Love your curls, if they are wavy, curly, kinky or coily.

Naturally Fierce Feature: Alexis

My name is Alexis and I am originally from a small town in Ohio, but moved to Virginia 3 years ago. I am 23 years old and a recent graduate of Kent State University in Ohio where I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Education. I’m a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc ....more

The battle of “Good” versus “Bad” Hair

Whenever I hear “good or bad hair” it not only makes me cringe but actually upsets me. Almost 4 years into my natural hair love affair and I still don’t get it, nor do I want to. This sort of statement always begs the question 1 ....more

Naturally Fierce Feature: Von

Hi, I am Von From Chicago, IL How long have you been natural? My last relaxer was june of 2011, so technically I’ve been natural for two years now. What motivated you to transition? ...more

Naturally Fierce Feature: Imani

Hi y’all! My name is Imani Boyd . I’m 22 years old and I’m a recent graduate from University at Pittsburgh with a concentration in business management and economics ....more


Tsk, tsk, tsk. Say it isn’t so! Relaxer companies or manufacturers want to find new ways to get our money? ...more


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Conservative Hairstyles for Church

When my hair first began to grow, I was very conscious of how big my hair was in certain environments. Interviews and other professional functions, church, weddings, and even movie theaters, had me questioning if my hair was considered “appropriate” for the occasion. I wanted to be able to express myself, while also not coming off as offensive to others ....more

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Outfit of the Week: I Love My Natural Swagg

Natural Swagg by globalcouture featuring Natural Swagg tee J.Crew j crew jeans Bristols 6 Heart Nippies – Black Arfango yellow flat Satchel purse Lara Bohinc bracelet jewelry Reeds Jewelers round diamond stud earrings Pieces woolen scarve $17...more