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You know, I don’t know exactly why I need a blog. Maybe its that whole “everybody’s doing it” kinda thing. It's true, I have things to say…but nothing terribly urgent.

A bit about myself first. I am all about being at home. In my cozy little house at the end of the dirt road. My best days are when I don’t leave this place. I have lived in this house longer than I have lived anywhere in my life and I have fond memories of it though the oldest are only a decade old. We fondly call our ~ The Rose Cottage. My husband and I have/are raising six children. Yes, that is correct 6.

I have goals in life. Though at my age I must admit to revamping that area of my life many times. I have such a cushy, easy life its hard to want more, to be more. I am content…happy…fulfilled…I love and I feel loved. Of course there are hard times and heartaches but the good in my life far outweighs any of that. I do enjoy what I do, what I am.

But…if I had to do something besides what I do…or better yet, in addition to what I do, it would be to write about homekeeping. Food…sewing…keeping…gardening. Yeah, I know it has all been done. But not from my perspective.

So this blog will be my starting point. Favorite recipes, household helps, gardening, making things, family life and my feline friends.


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