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I'm a wife, crafting mama, ex-pat, baker, and Jesus follower. Follow me and discover creative kiddy projects, tasty desserts, cloth diapering tips,  and purposeful parenting wisdom.

Teaching Kids Healthy Habits- What’s Dad’s Role?

He slips off his musty socks, tucking them carefully into his well-worn blue sneakers and stands up as an eager little girl calls out to him. “Papí, come on! Let’s dance.” He takes her outstretched hands, and proudly strides across the creaky wooden floor, one of only two fathers amidst a sea of women and little girls in the large, mirrored room ....more

Best brownie Recipe for Kids

It’s two p.m. and the blazing sun won’t be going down for hours. Your kids, decked out in brightly colored swimwear parade around the house insisting on blasting the sprinklers for the second time since noon. You’re a fun mom, so you set down your summer read and ease your way out of your comfy hammock in the shade, barefoot, making your way toward the lawn sprinkler....more

DIY Natural Night Cream

Have you ever checked the ingredient label of your favorite night cream? A couple of years ago I started making my own natural homemade lotions and face creams. I wanted to know exactly what was in the products I was smoothing onto my skin, especially during pregnancy ....more

How to Deal with Thumb Sucking Without Shaming Your Child

The age-old thumb sucking phenomenon carries as much parental frustration and toddler comfort in this current technological age as it did for families centuries ago....more

Top Gifts for Baking Moms

I’m a baking mom, like many of you. My polka dotted apron is regularly dusted in flour, my pantry never lacks baking powder, soda, or yeast, and my children are all too well-versed in the epic project of brownie making.Between my weekly doses of chocolate chip cookies balanced out with wholesome carrot muffins, I know my way around the kitchen, and I know what baking mamas want for Mother’s Day (or any day, to be honest.) Here are my favorite picks that are sure to pull on the heart apron strings of the Cake Boss in your family, my top gifts for baking moms…and they just so happen to be available at the “click” of a button. Simple, fast, and sure to please! ...more

Raw Dark Chocolate Brownies

Smooth, sultry dark chocolate-topped raw dark chocolate brownies were never meant to be shared- with you or especially not with my husband. Hoard them away, tucked deeply into the back nook of the refrigerator buried behind outdated leftovers no one would dare slide. That’s what I did, and even that didn’t work.Ladies, please tell me I’m not alone here ....more

Newborn Elimination Communication

Call me crazy, but I take my baby to the potty. And she goes! Our journey into elimination communication (EC) started when Grace was only 2 days old ....more

Glitter Sticks for Bible Memorization

One of the most important jobs I have as a parent is to instill Biblical values into my children, both Biblical head knowledge and heart knowledge. In the past month we’ve been working on memorizing Scripture and explaining how it applies to our lives using glittery popsicle sticks. Kids love glitter ....more

Birthdayriffic Chocolate Mint Cake

Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like a chocolate cake dekked out in brightly colored sprinkles! This chocolate mint bundt cake is birthdayriffic, with a burst of peppermint and slathered in deep, dark, chocolate ganache.What is it with February and birthdays? I’d estimate that half my family celebrates this month ....more

Soda Cracker Painting

Make your kids’ snack time more colorful with edible paint! You only need three items to make this yummy soda cracker painting project a hit in your own home. My older kids, 4 and 2, were anxious to get their “activity” on, and had been begging to paint for a few days ....more