Motherhood Year 1

Ainsley isn’t quite a year old (just a month and a half to go!) but I’m already starting to think about the first year of motherhood as I plan for her first birthday party. Yes, we’re throwing a big birthday bash for our 1-year-old, yet another thing I said I would never do. (God’s teaching me a LOT about using the phrase “never”) I’ve been making a list of the top pieces of advice I would pass along to a mom during...more

A Smoothie A Day

Immediately after having Ainsley, I started on a major smoothie kick. I’ve always loved smoothies, but with a little one they became a necessity for getting a lot of nutrition into one easy-to-prepare meal. I’m planning on doing a post later in the year on protein powders and how to choose one that’s best for you, but until then, I thought I would share with you my g0-to smoothie ....more

An Intention for 2016

Truth be told, I wrote a whole list of intentions down in a blog post and was ready to hit “publish” but as I was laying in bed last night, thinking about the year to come, I paused. My list had a whole bunch of things, like feeling good in a swimsuit and reading more books and what not. Fine intentions, and things I still probably pursue in the year to come ....more

Let’s Have a Coffee Date

It’s 9 pm on a Tuesday night and I’m sitting in a very quiet salon, under the blowdryer, having my hair done. Usually I’m not one to enjoy being out and about on a weeknight relatively late (yes, 9 pm on a weeknight is late, thankyouverymuch) but tonight it feels pretty darn nice to savor a little peace and quiet. I’m not sure I have a cohesive post in my head right now, so I thought I would share a little bit of this and that, perhaps the same way I might talk if we were having a real life coffee date? ...more

The “It” List for Babies and New Moms

Lately, as I’m reflecting on Ainsley’s first year of life, I’ve been thinking about the items I wish I would have registered for and the items that would have been welcome during those first few months of Ainsley’s life. You see, there are the items that mom’s register for and the items that later on they wish they had registered for. I pulled together a list of the items that fit that bill for me in hopes that it would help you be a fantastic gift giver next time someone you love has a baby! 1 ....more

Easy White Chicken Enchiladas

Now that the holidays are over, I’m really, really looking forward to getting into a bit more of a routine once again. You too? While I love the go-go-go of the holidays and all the time spent with friends and family, there is something really nice about the rhythm of everyday that makes my world go round ....more

Merry Christmas!

An early Merry Christmas to you, friends! Today I wanted to share a few of our holiday photos that were taken earlier this fall. It’s amazing to me how quickly Ainsley changes ....more

How to *authentically* monetize your blog

Monetizing your blog. Chances are if you have a blog, you’ve either thought about ways to make money on your site or you’re currently pursuing ways to make money. From the start I’ve been in favor of making money on my site; writing a blog and producing quality content is time consuming and sometimes expensive (especially when you’re developing recipes of posting photos of outfits, etc.) so it seems sensible to mitigate those expenses when possible ....more

9 Months In + 9 Months Out :: The Post-Baby Body

I had been meaning to write this post a bit sooner, closer to when Ainsley was 9 months old. She’s now almost 10 months, but the thoughts remain the same. Before having Ainsley I was really worried about the physical transformation of pregnancy and the toll it would take on my body ....more

Favorite Baby Items :: 6-9 Months

1. Fisher-Price Baby Grand Piano I bought one of these when Ainsley was around 4 months old and it’s been such a hit ever since! She continues to play with it at 9+ months and loves to stand, play with the keys and play music ....more