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My name is Madison Mayberry Hofmeyer. I am a 26-year-old writer and professional food editor living in the great state of Minnesota with my husband, Joe, and our two dogs, Nutmeg and Pippa. When I'm not developing recipes for The Kitchens of General Mills (home of the Betty Crocker Kitchens) I am developing recipes at home for my friends and family and sharing about my life on my blog, Espresso and Cream.

Budgeting Post-Baby: Cutting Cable

Having a baby has a way of making you seriously re-examine your budget. You start to think about the little luxuries you enjoy every day and then realize the money spend on those luxuries could (and probably should!) be going toward more important things your child’s college fund. Although we felt we were in a position to have a baby, when we sat down to re-evaluate our budget post-baby, it was a big wake-up call to make some changes ....more

Will You Promote That Product?

Blogging and sponsored posts and content. Ugh. Does just reading that make your eyes roll or your stomach churn? ...more

Social Media Accountability

I’ve been blogging for quite a few years now. When I first started posting recipes to the web from my college dorm room the world of blogging was quite different than it is today. There was no Instagram, blog Facebook pages weren’t a thing, Snapchat didn’t exist and Twitter was still in its early days ....more

There is no shame in formula (and other truths about motherhood)

Photo by Gina Zeidler

Quick Brown Rice and Lentil Salad

Friends, let’s be honest: I haven’t exactly been knocking it out of the park in terms of cooking creative, healthy meals since having a baby. We’ve been eating relatively healthy, but it’s been mainly in the form of quick foods like smoothies, protein bars, pre-made salad kits for Joe’s lunches and simple grilled foods. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s hardly gotten my creative juices flowing in the kitchen ....more

Celebrating Mother’s Day

This year I celebrated Mother’s Day for the first time on the “other side of the fence” if you will. I’ve spent 27 years celebrating my mother, step mom, grandmothers and aunts who have been like mothers to me, but getting to enjoy this holiday actually being a mom myself felt extra special and had me all sorts of sappy and sentimental. Although the day has come and gone, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to reflect a little bit on what being a mother has been like these first few months ....more

Exclusively Pumping: Making It Less Miserable

Flashback photo from Ainsley’s first week of life, when we were still figuring out the whole pumping/bottle feeding thing. Eeek! Can you believe how little she is there? ...more

Ainsley 2 Month Update

Likes and Dislikes:...more

Surgery Day and Recovery

If you follow me on Instagram (and I hope you do, since I’m much more consistent with my posting there these days!) you’ve probably seen all my posts about the surgery Ainsley had on Tuesday. I’ve been pretty consumed this last week and a half with getting over this big hurdle and moving forward, and any momma who has had to send their little one into surgery can probably attest to the emotional toll it takes on everyone. When Ainsley was born one of the first things I noticed was that she had little skin tags on her ears ....more

Protein Lactation Bites

The first six weeks of life with a baby have been eventful, to say the least, and those weeks have thrown my eating for a loop! I had grand visions of eating a huge meal after delivery, but surprisingly I found myself barely able to eat for a day after delivery and, in fact, my appetite was dampened for a good part of the first week postpartum. Pair that with the fact that I got a horrible case of stomach flu when Ainsley was 4 weeks old that took away my appetite for a week and a half and my eating has been sporadic at best since she arrived ....more