Ten Blogs You Should Read by Women in the Nonprofit Space

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The Nonprofit Technology Conference, a national gathering of people and organizations who work with nonprofits and technology and hosted by NTEN, will take place in Washington, DC on April 4-6th.  What's nice about this conference is that there is a strong presence of women both on the agenda and in the field.

In fact, NTEN has an affinity group for women who work in nonprofits.  There are some excellent blogs written by women in this space.  I've picked a selection of BlogHers who look at the topic with different lens.  

This year's BlogHer conference theme is "A World of Difference" and there will be track that looks at community and nonprofits.  I hope a few of these women will consider submitting ideas for sessions to the Track Chair, Nancy White.

A big caveat ... I had a trouble limiting my must-reads to just ten -- in fact I would have trouble limiting the list to 100.    So, consider this the first installment of a multi-part post pointing to BlogHer's in the nonprofit space.

Ext.337:  That's Marnie Webb, Vice President of CompuMentor's Knowledge Services, telephone extension.   She writes about the issues of technology, social change, and serendipity.  I'm not sure about this, but I think she may be one of the first women in the nonprofit blogosphere.

Nonprofit Marketing Blog is written by Katya Andresen, Vice President at Network for Good.  A formal journalist and author of a book on nonprofit marketing, her blog is one of the best for nonprofit marketing advice.

Have Fun - Do Good is written by fellow Blogher editor, Britt Bravo. Her personal blog is filled with stories about people are changing the world with technology.

NTEN Blog: NTEN is the Nonprofit Technology Network, the national organization that represents people and organizations who work in the field of nonprofit technology.   NTEN's staff, Katrin Verclas, Holly Ross, Annaliese Hoehling, and Bonnie Boogle contribute well written, entertaining, and informative posts to the blog.  There's also a lot of guest voices too.

provides candid Consumer-Reports-style reviews and articles about software of interest to nonprofits.  The visionary and founder is Laura S. Quinn who also blogs at Idealware.

Technology for the Nonprofit and Philthanthropic Sector is written by Deborah Elizabeth Finn who is also known as the "cyber yenta" because she knows everyone!   Her wry sense of humor coupled with her sharp observations make her blog a pleasure to read.

Philanthropy 2173 is written by Lucy Bernholz, a thought leader in the nonprofit philanthropy circles.  She covers all aspects of philanthropy issues and is also blogging about the impact of social media.   Her posts often raise excellent thought-provoking questions.

A. Fine Blog is like its name implies, a fine blog.   It is written by Allison Fine, author of the book Momentum.  Allison writes about how social medias are enhancing "connectedness" and how that impacts the work of social change organizations.

Getting Attention
Blog is written by marketing and pr guru Nancy Schwartz.  I enjoy reading her blog because her posts provide lots of great how-to ideas.   Nancy also hosts the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants which is always a fabulous roundup of articles about social media.

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology is written by Michelle Murrain.  Although she has some deeply geeky skills, she writes from the perspective of a neo-luddite!   Her writes insightful pieces that cut through the hype of new technologies and often asks the hard probing questions that haven't been asked.  

Beth Kanter, BlogHer Contributing Editor for NGOs and Social Change, writes at Beth's Blog and Netsquared.


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