Rebrand Coming Soon.

I'm working on a re-brand of my blog. I know it's quiet around here lately, but I promise it's rather busy behind the scenes. Check back soon for more information and a whole new design....more

New Venture!

Hey everyone, I'm not dead! I just started a new venture called Roar Boudoir though, and have been up to my eyeballs in work. I'd love your support though! ...more

Paris: A Picnic Under the Eiffel Tower

After shopping at the markets of Rue Cler we made our way over to the park beneath the Eiffel tower. It seems to be a rather popular spots for middle school kids to take their lunch breaks, but that didn't bother Brian or I. Yes, that is a giant tennis ball hanging off the tower ....more

Comfort Food, Sweet Cornbread

Everyone has their comfort foods, and most of mine I've realized quite recently are made from corn. It's the unique combination of being both from the South, and growing up as an Italian-American that really cements it. From the italian side you've got 1000's way to make polenta and delicious summery grilled corn ....more

Summer Break!

I know I haven't been posting very much these past two weeks, but I've been enjoying my summer! I just got back from a long overdue family reunion, the photo above is just some of my cousins around the best grandmother possibly of all time. ...more


I'm still alive, just recovering from a camping trip over the long weekend. Did you have an amazing fourth? I know I did ....more

New Patterns, The good and the very bad.

So I thought I'd take a peak at what some of the non-indie pattern companies were offering (Simplicity, Butterick, and McCall's.) A lot of it is just straight up terrible. But we'll save my snark for the commentary....more

Life Recently

I'll be honest, I haven't been the best about taking photos of my daily life since we've gotten back from Paris. For one thing I took thousands of pictures while we were there, and my trigger finger just might need the tiniest of breaks. Second, everything feels kind of "meh" in comparison ....more

Sew Caroline Waterfall Tank

I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to be a pattern tester for the upcoming Sew Caroline pattern, the waterfall tank! Full disclaimer I was offered the pattern for free in exchange for feedback to improve and test the pattern before final release. I was not paid to create this garment, and the supply costs came out of my own pocket ....more